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SANTA CLARA, CA July 30, 2013: Integral Solutions International, ISI, the worlds leading manufacturer of Quasi-Static testers for the data storage industry, announced today V7 software licensing terms.

In order to address the concern about Microsoft ending support of WinXP OS, on July 2013 ISI announced the release of a new QST software platform called V7.  This V7 software is compatible with Win7-32bit and Win7-64bit OS, as well as being backwards-compatible with WinXP OS.  All future ISI software developments will be performed within this V7 platform.  Amongst many advantages, the V7 software also operates the QST tester much more efficiently, resulting in a nominal UPH improvement of 10% (vs. the previous V5 software given the same set of test conditions).

To operate the V7 software requires a V7 License.  This V7 License will be uniquely created for each individual QST Tester, so this licensing and corresponding licensing fee is on a per-tester basis.  Once the V7 License is ordered, generated, and installed onto a particular tester then that tester may immediately begin using the then-current V7 software release.  This initial V7 License also entitles the tester to free V7 Software Maintenance for 1 year.  During this 1 year timeframe this V7 Software Maintenance allows access to the new V7 software releases, including the latest Preamp Drivers, BarCont DLL, and other ISI software modules.  This 1 year of V7 Software Maintenance begins at the date the V7 License is shipped from ISI, but after 1 year is then rounded-up to expire at the nearest January-1 or July-1 dates.  As example, a V7 License purchased and shipped on March 1, 2013 will have a total V7 Software Maintenance period of 1.3 years, from March 1, 2014 through June 30, 2015.

To renew this V7 Software Maintenance for an additional year (as example from July 1 2015 through June 30 2016) a yearly maintenance fee is required.  The maintenance renewal must be performed before the existing V7 License expires (in this example before July-1 of each year).  If the maintenance expires then the system will still function with the previous V7 software releases but the system will not be allowed access to the new software releases.  If the maintenance is expired and needs to be renewed, the cost to renew an expired V7 Software Maintenance reverts back to the initial V7 Software License fee.

While ISIs V5 and V6 software platforms are now frozen, the Preamp drivers, BarCont software, and other peripheral software modules will continue to be developed and released for V5, V6, and V7 software platforms through the end of calendar year 2014.  Starting from Jan-1 2015 all these software modules will be developed exclusively under the V7 software platform.

Starting from last year, all new QST2002-PLUS and QST2002E-PLUS systems include the initial V7 Software License (with 1 year Software Maintenance) as part of each new tester purchase.  Similarly, all non-PLUS testers that have been upgraded to PLUS after Jan-1 2013 also receive this initial V7 Software License and 1 year Software Maintenance.  The starting date of the V7 Licenses for these testers is based on the date the new or upgraded tester is physically shipped, independent on whether the customer actually activates or uses the V7 Software License.  While these new and upgraded testers receive the initial V7 license at no charge, the yearly V7 Software Maintenance Fee still applies.    

The benefits of the V7 software platform are as follows:

  • Typical 7.5% and up to 15% faster test times compared to the current V5 software version, for significantly increased UPH
  • Win7-32bit, Win7-64bit, and WinXP OS compatibility (Win8 in process)
  • .NET compatibility for Custom Test developments
  • Custom Tests developed by users previously for V5/V6 can be ported to V7 under .NET
  • Improved setup file format (setups currently used in the V5 software platform can be converted to V7 format using the Conversion Utility)
  • V7 Software can run in EDIT mode (no hardware connection) without license
  • Free 30-day V7 Trial Evaluation period
  • Ongoing support and access to the latest V7 Software and Preamp Driver releases under the V7 Software Licensing and Maintenance terms

The current V7 Software License charges are:

  • $2500/tester for the Initial V7 Software License (includes license for current V7 software and 1 year of V7 Software Maintenance).
  • $1000/tester for the yearly V7 Software Maintenance renewal (applies only if the previous V7 Software Maintenance has not expired).
  • $2500/tester for the renewal of an expired V7 Software Maintenance (same terms as for the initial V7 Software License)

Volume discounts do not apply to these Licenses, but comprehensive site licenses with corresponding discounts can be discussed separately.

About ISI

Integral Solutions International (referred to as ISI) is a privately held California based US Corporation.  ISI was established in September 1995 and is the leading manufacturer of Quasi-Static testers for GMR, TMR and Perpendicular Heads.  This includes a line of Quasi-Static (QST) Testers, ESD and Temperature Stress Testers.   ISIs product line of testers consists of Row Bar QST, Slider QST, HGA, HSA, HDA, and Tape Head QST. Optional components include the ESD MR Head Stress System and Temperature Controller System.

ISI provides worldwide customer support from the United States, Japan, Korea, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, China, Hong-Kong, and the Philippines.



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