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Quasi97 Software v7.43.26 B2

* Beta version
* Compatible with 32-bit and 64-bit and Windows 7/8/10
* for first time, offline installations, also download dependencies package and unzip it to the folder from which you will run setupNET.exe.

Quasi97 Software v7.43.26 B2

Quasi97 NET Release Notes

Version 7.43.25 (Jan 10 2019)
- Fixed: Factory Licensing

Version 7.43.23 (Oct 21 2016)
- Fixed: Proper Naming of Q97Shared Interfaces

Version 7.43.22 (Sept 23 2016)
- Test Build

Version 7.43.21 (July 25 2016)
- Fixed: Ungrounding Aux return when Float Unselected Channels option used
- Added: UndoModifications for Aux and Elg channels in BarG3
- Added: compatibility for PA5832 preamp with ver 7.43

Version 7.43.0 (May 26 2016)
- Added: 12xHGA Gen4 tester configuration
- Added: rearranged system menu
- Added: MRClamp option removed completely
- Added: Grayed out test should now have ability to tell why they are not available TestNAreason
- Added: Hardware that is missing during startup is highlighted in red on the splash menu
- Added: Channel selection was moved to upper left corner
- Added: Most items from preamp Control menu migrated to system menu
- Added: Targetting NET 4.6 framework (not compatible to windows XP)
- Added:

Version 7.42.0 (Apr 29 2016)
- Added: Tester Configuration abstraction

Version 7.41.17 (Apr 25 2016)
- Fixed: Voicecoil calibration stopped working in 7.30s

Version 7.41.15 (Apr 7 2016)
- Fixed: Universal Interface filter selection broke in the last release (always selecting 80MHz)
- Fixed: Labels in 2xBar G3 diagnostics menu for enable head 0 and head 1 were swapped

Version 7.41.10 (Mar 18 2016)
- Fixed: Exception sometimes appeared outside of errorbox
- Fixed: [PERIPH-90] data logging LogCSVRawDataNET error converting from DBNull if test is aborted (or due to other error)
- Fixed: [QSEVEN-390] Default value for Backend Gain in Preamp Control

Version 7.41.08 (Mar 1 2016)
- Fixed: For HDA configuration DT card eeprom was not read until the user pressed start for the first time.

Version 7.41.04 (Feb 4 2016)
- Fixed: previous release 7.41.03 broke measurements on ELG channels in all tests.

Version 7.41.03 (Feb 2 2016)
- Fixed: STTMRAM stopped working

Version 7.41.01 (Jan 29 2016)
- Fixed: Transverse reported incorrect resistance for HSA channels other than reader

Version 7.41.00 (Jan 27 2016)
- Fixed: Aux pin set to None did not disconnected Aux source the probe.
- Added: Option to float (unground) unselected channel

Version 7.40.06 (Jan 24 2016)
- Fixed: Intermittent Pt-GND failure with version (started in version 7.40.0)

Version 7.40.05 (Jan 22 2016)
- Fixed: Arithmetic overflow with Voicecoil polarity test (with open VC)
- Fixed: VB6 preamps could not handle infinity result / vcc test results disappeared
- Added: TestIdandSetup is not overridable property in clsQSTTestNET

Version 7.40.04 (Jan 13 2016)
- Fixed: [QSEVEN-385] Error Input string was not in a correct format in clsUnivInterf..ctor, followed by software seemingly hung up after opening setup file.

Version 7.40.03 (Jan 12 2016)
- Added: Displaying ADC overflow (overload or saturated) as infinity or NaN (not a number). Seemingly normal results in Transverse/DC noise and others could be the result combination of ADC saturation and high bias, this feature helps expose that value is saturated
to disable this feature (have it work like before) change in Tester - Environment Settings - Quasi - AllowInfinityResult to False

Version 7.40.02 (Jan 11 2016)
- Fixed: MagSensorTests wrong gain is used for low gain ranges (100,300,1000,3000,6500mV). Transverse test wrong gain is used when Amplitude gain in the system menu is set to 'use resistance range'. Introduced 7.30.0

Version 7.40.01 (Jan 11 2016)
- Added: With channel saturated, reports NaN or Infinity in R-Sampling test instead of seemingly valid number

Version 7.40.00 (Jan 7 2016)
- Added: [QSEVEN-384] Does not allow user to apply the same license key again (if it is already in the eeprom)
- Added: a warning is generated if COM mechanism is used to activate component. This is prior to disabling com interface altogether 1-2 months.

Version 7.32.06 (Dec 24 2015)
- Fixed: Intermittent Pt-GND failure with version 7.32.05

Version 7.32.05 (Dec 23 2015)
- Fixed: Rev T-T UI removed from the code. Static Test Point to Point CAP_IN1 (PZT) fail in some configurations.

Version 7.32.03 (Dec 18 2015)
- Fixed: Static Test, Point to Ground and Point to Point on UI Rev U (does not exist yet)
- Added: Feature Vector to universal Interface board eeprom

Version 7.32.02 (Dec 16 2015)
- Fixed: Calibration for HSA
- Fixed: QPSSplitLib Static Field stayed on after the stress was over
- Fixed: QPSSplitter angle transfer test with units set to Ohm, reverse curve was wrong

Version 7.31.30 (Nov 30 2015)
- Added: VoiceCoilPolarity test improvement for .NET preamps. It sometimes measuring unknown instead of negative.

Version 7.31.28 (Nov 17 2015)
- Fixed: LogCSVRawDataNET index was out of range error (introduced in 7.31.21)

Version 7.31.26 (Nov 13 2015)
- Fixed: SMAN test calculated 0 (introduced in 7.31.22)

Version 7.31.25 (Nov 13 2015)
- Fixed: Diagnostics menu, items could be edited in the eeprom table without entering password
- Fixed: [QSEVEN-378] Add Featurevector value int he GUI for enabling FV bits

Version 7.31.24 (Nov 10 2015)
- Fixed: MyApplication_UnhandledException: Could not load file or assembly Interop.ISIServModN, Version:, Culture: neutral, PublicKeyTokenz7407ald603271e24' or one of its dependencies. The system cannot find the file specified.

Version 7.31.23 (Nov 9 2015)
- Fixed: LogExcelResultsNET index out of range error (introduced in 7.31.22)
- Fixed: Selective data logging, question mark instruction in the formatting string (to specify string length) was interpretted incorrectly

Version 7.31.22 (Oct 29 2015)
- Added: more C# friendly methods

Version 7.31.21 (Oct 16 2015)
- Fixed: [QSEVEN-374] UpdatechannelList index 0 is out of range

Version 7.31.20 (Oct 16 2015)
- Fixed: 7.31.19 broke compatibility to the VB6 preamp drivers

Version 7.31.19 (Oct 16 2015)
- Fixed: [QSEVEN-373] gracefully handles the case when wrong preamps are installed

Version 7.31.18 (Oct 15 2015)
- Fixed: VBias tuning algorithm existed before reaching target voltage in some cases. Introduced in 7.31.0
- Added: [QSEVEN-372] Detect cable swap condition on 2xBar G3.

Version 7.31.17 (Oct 14 2015)
- Fixed: [QSEVEN-370] Channel was not selected when running test in production

Version 7.31.15 (Oct 7 2015)
- Fixed: [QSEVEN-270] Bias invert stopped working in Barcont (reappeared in 7.31.0)
- Fixed: [QSEVEN-368] error creating LogResultMigration file

Version 7.31.15 (Oct 3 2015)
- Fixed: [QSEVEN-367] HReadBias Index was outside the bounds of the array.
- Fixed: RestoreParameters:Params Conversion from type 'DBNull' to type 'String' is not valid

Version 7.31.14 (Sep 25 2015)
- Added: clsSimpleTest class for faster development of new tests
- Added: iHOptionHDW interface

Version 7.31.13 (Sep 22 2015)
- Fixed: [QSEVEN-365] GradeTestNET conversion from string to type double error, such as Point-Point test result 'NONE' (introduced in 7.31.0)

Version 7.31.12 (Sep 15 2015)
- Fixed: new HSA motherboard selected non-existing AC input for old preamps (3xRD switchable daughter card)

Version 7.31.11 (Sep 14 2015)
- Fixed: having more than 650 data columns would generate error in production run
- Fixed: data column names are not clear, now wrapping text in the column header

Version 7.31.10 (Sep 11 2015)
- Fixed: Converting old v4/v5 setup files could delete some records (static tests)
- Added: Support for TC_AngleOffset test

Version 7.31.09 (Sep 10 2015)
- Fixed: Amplitude was at 50% of normal value (introduced in 7.31.0)

Version 7.31.07 (Sep 9 2015)
- Fixed: ABHV offset calculation failed

Version 7.31.03 (Sep 2 2015)
- Fixed: System bias is used for preamp read channel as default (empty string)
- Added: Take me there option for channel combo box
- Fixed: Log excel error

Version 7.31.00 (Aug 13 2015)
- Added: VS2015 compatibility
- Added: Measurement Channels (beta)

Version 7.30.03 (Aug 25 2015)
- Fixed: [QSEVEN-356] slider info test does not appear in the selective logging menu
- Added: [QSEVEN-353] Access to error menu from View-Error Box

Version 7.30.02 (Aug 18 2015)
- Fixed: Bias Enable for HSA (software mode) did not work
- Fixed: Isolation test, slight error when measuring high (100K ohm) resistances

Version 7.30.01 (Jul 6 2015)
- Fixed: Wrong PartID is recorded with 2xBar gen3 configuration

Version 7.30.00 (Jul 1 2015)
- Fixed: Production test switched to head 0 at the end (instead of the head that was selected before production test started)
- Added: SMAN and SMAN2 - ROI user result
- Fixed: If v+ and V- were sapped (goihng to I- and I+ respectively) could not set vbias

Version 7.22.06 (June 30 2015)
- Fixed: Reader-Invert stress option for readers where V+ probe goes to V-pad.

Version 7.22.05 (June 18 2015)
- Fixed: SMANII did not restore field image to the right value, so subsequent test could restore field to the wrong value.

Version 7.22.03 (June 15 2015)
- Fixed: [MECHDR-87] Technician access menu item not present in dictionary
- Fixed: RunTest from technician menu did not work

Version 7.22.02 (June 10 2015)
- Fixed: MyApplication_UnhangledException when working in the select setup menu. The cause of the error has not been determined yet, but this change will prevent software crash and allow tracing the error further.
- Fixed: [QSEVEN-346] QPSSplitter saturation field is not taken into affect when setting angles

Version 7.22.01 (June 2 2015)
- Fixed: [QSEVEN-343] Quasi97 crashes when preamp autodetect menu opens with non-existing preamp selected (wrong preamps installed)

Version 7.22.00 (June 1 2015)
- Fixed: Could not load add-ins if ran by double-clicking on mds setup files from windows explorer

Version 7.21.09 (May 19 2015)
- Fixed: occasional problem writing to eeprom (especially on faster PC)
- Fixed: wrong CRC when restoring from EEPROM because of non-breaking space character read from XML file. May potentially cause license lock code reset.
- Added: [QSEVEN-342] Quasi97 will try to activating addin from folder, if file with such assembly name exists there
- Added: PreheatTimerJoin function, to avoid Doevents

Version 7.21.08 (May 12 2015)
- Fixed: [QSEVEN-296] possible current transient in 2xHGA Gen3 configuration when clicking start, related to charge injection when switching DC multiplexer on the board

Version 7.21.07 (Apr 30 2015)
- Fixed: [PREAM-14] SR Sweep validatestressparameter error introduced in 7.20.00
- Fixed: date/time format in log files if local PC format was different from English-US

Version 7.21.06 (Apr 28 2015)
- Fixed: Conversion from string "" to type double is not valid
- Fixed: [QSEVEN-340] DoRunStressSplit SetRegister Stress, values was either too large or too small for an int16

Version 7.21.04 (Apr 22 2015)
- Added: [QSEVEN-328] Methods for compensating for PZT line resistance
- Added: [QSEVEN-335] Added header to the eventlog file

Version 7.21.03 (Apr 6 2015)
- Added: [QSEVEN-334] 2xBar G3 calibration status listbox is made expandable
- Added: [QSEVEN-327] Protection against accidental overwrite of motherboard and QST serial number

Version 7.21.02 (Apr 1 2015)
- Fixed: [QSEVEN-332] Error when opening adaptive parameters on some setups
- Fixed: Data Logging Menu, grdLoggedResults_edit Ojbect reference not set to an instance of object
- Fixed: [QSEVEN-331] deleting test does not delete from datalogging and grading
- Fixed: Add Copy for test instance, removed the old test from grading and substituted it with the new test instance
- Fixed: Syntax Error in DROP TABLE when removing an instance of a test
- Fixed: [QSEVEN-330] add copy with data logging menu open causes App_unhandled exception
- Fixed: [QSEVEN-326] dbnull error in static test if empty line was inserted
- Fixed: [QSEVEN-329] on new PC errors with eventlog.csv when starting quasi97

Version 7.21.01 (Mar 20 2015)
- Added: /RESETLICENSE to reset corrupted license code (unable to extend trial)

Version 7.21.00 (Mar 17 2015)
- Added: Current license allows for use of all older versions of quasi97

Version 7.20.15 (Mar 6 2015)
- Added: Automatically removes coma, carriage return and line feed characters from partid and comment fields, to avoid column shift with CSV logging format
- Added: [QSEVEN-291] hard to recover from SetupDefs2K.mds and Preamps2K.mds corrupted. Software now verifies if the database file is corrupted before commiting changes. If so - does not commit changes.
- Fixed: could not store failcodes higher than 6 bytes
- Added: PrInstallInfo.htm file is added to integral solutions folder with the version of preamps installed

Version 7.20.14 (Feb 27 2015)
- Fixed: Power On checkbox (before read preamp reg) in the diagnostics menu stopped working in 7.20.11
- Fixed: Preamps with non-zero ABHV offset reported resistance incorrectly (broken 7.20.11)

Version 7.20.13 (Feb 23 2015)
- Fixed: [QSEVEN-315] Automatically fill-in the default "functions" pull-down when user adds the module

Version 7.20.11 (Feb 18 2015)
- Fixed: Autodetect preamp did not reset the ABHV gain on HSA board, which resulted in the wrong resistance measurement the first time around (until start/stop)

Version 7.20.09 (Feb 12 2015)
- Fixed: Could not run TC on diagnostics board (2xBar G3 configuration)
- Fixed: Internal transfer curve was dependent on the front end gain selection

Version 7.20.08 (Feb 10 2015)
- Fixed: Default tester config was changed to config2xBar Gen3
- Fixed: Arithmetic operation resulted in overflow error in sweep test
- Fixed: hs0-hs3 grid in the diagnostics menu was not working

Version 7.20.07 (Feb 5 2015)
- Fixed: If using D15 in the preamp autodetect menu, Quasi97 would show error
- Added: Extended range for capacitance measurement to static test (no hardware upgrade required)

Version 7.20.06 (Jan 28 2015)
- Added: Duplicate entry error with custom stress items
- Fixed: WR Recovery test showing incorrect plot when running long read time (>30us)
- Fixed: difficult to see Part ID and head ID on the test plots
- Fixed: Can see TC cycles in engineering mode as they are ready

Version 7.20.05 (Jan 21 2015)
- Added: Improvements to licensing menu GUI

Version 7.20.04 (Jan 21 2015)
- Added: runs on Windows XP

Version 7.20.03 (Jan 14 2015)
- Added: Selecting head result tab on the data logging menu when the menu opens
- Fixed: If production display order column in the Options -> head select menu would contain non-unique values and those heads with duplicate display order values would be skipped. Now software ensures that items are unique.
- Fixed: production display order was ignored for HSA/HDA modes

Version 7.20.02 (Jan 9 2015)
- Fixed: Previous fix did not apply to Preconditioning table

Version 7.20.01 (Jan 8 2015)
- Fixed: Problems with custom stress resorting (created by v5 and v6 version of quasi97) are fixed here.

Version 7.20.00 (Jan 7 2015)
- Added: formating function marked by Microsoft as obsolete has been removed, for future native 64-bit compatibility. The contents of FORMAT column were migrated to new syntax. If selective logging and format column were used in the test script, then the test script saved with 7.20.0 can not be used in older Quasi97.
- Added: Copy and paste added to System -> Custom Stress menu
- Fixed: Create Log Arrays subscript out of range (when using System -> Custom Stress)

Version 7.16.01 (Dec 23 2014)
- Fixed: [QSEVEN-302] Error when opening Calibration menu

Version 7.16.00 (Dec 22 2014)
- Fixed: Could not resize columns in tester specific logging menu
- Fixed: Lock option in the context menu in the select setup dialog was not working
- Fixed: When pasting one row to the table, would create one addition blank row
- Fixed: When pasting, if user selects the entire row during copy, fails to paste into the right columns
- Fixed: Copy and Paste in Production custom results was not working
- Added: Production test adds values to the Max, Min and Range column for the custom results
- Added: Removed old way of instantiating mechanical driver, now only supports MechDriver function in the hardware config table
- Added: no longer using DAT and INI file, substituted with XML format

Version 7.15.08 (Dec 12 2014)
- Fixed: Global parameter set feature - unable to set parameters to blank test and save to setup file (always restored as some test)

Version 7.15.07 (Dec 11 2014)
- Fixed: [QSEVEN-297] - use resistance gain option did not get saved
- Fixed: ADOUtils.Synchronize database function did not correctly transfer MEMO data fields
- Fixed: WR Recovery for read times above 40us

Version 7.15.06 (Dec 8 2014)
- Fixed: Adaptive parameters stopped working in 7.15.0

Version 7.15.05 (Dec 5 2014)
- Fixed: Saving to XML file did not work (only saved the first parameter)
- Fixed: [QSEVEN-290] with field gain set to 1 quasi-static test fails to open
- Added: a Button in diagnostics menu to open programdata folder (also in Environment settings menu)

Version 7.15.04 (Dec 3 2014)
- Added: RawTransfer .NET
- Added: [QSEVEN-286] 2xBar Gen3 - Provision for RdSenseLine in the probe card eeprom

Version 7.15.03 (Dec 3 2014)
- Fixed: Error when running VB6 tests (RAWTransfer, FMR, RIA and others)
- Fixed: Subscript out of range error when opening 2xBar G1 menu with no probe card connection
- Added: Slider UP/DOWN selection in the 2xBar Gen3 diagnostics menu
- Fixed: Would save some parameters in incorrect format to quasi.xml file which resulted in subsequent failure to load on the next startup.

Version 7.15.01 (Nov 21 2014)
- Fixed: If double-click to open setup, then would login as operator by default
- Fixed: [QSEVEN-284] Default parameter logging was broken - no parameters were logged. Does not apply to setups with selective logging was enabled

Version 7.15.00 (Nov 20 2014)
- Added: Global Parameter Set feature
- Added: Quasi.xml file is not used for settings instead of quasi.ini, the file is now in all users\applicationdata\
- Added: Environmental Settings menu
- Added: Handler, Hardware Configuration, Licensing has been moved to Tester menu.
- Added: Password for the operator (to prevent any login to the setup file)
- Added: MDS Files can not be associated with Quasistarter.exe to automatically open from file explorer
- Added: DisableAutoConvert flag in the Environment Settings - Setups
- Fixed: If running on Wafer system, probe card eeprom was not read on start. As a result the resistance reading could be up to 0.4% (if probe card is connected or changed after Quasi97 initialization).
- Fixed: Recently opened files hasn't been updating

Version 7.14.08 (Nov 10 2014)
- Fixed: Aux clamping test
- Fixed: Preamp AutoDetect and Preamp Control did not add values beyond D14 (D15 was missing on 16bit preamps)
- Fixed: Preamp Autodetect showed error: Value was either to large or too small for uint32

Version 7.14.07 (Oct 23 2014)
- Fixed: Could not calibrate Aux and ELG gain on 2xBar Gen3 (introduced in 7.14.0)
- Fixed: CalcStats There is no row at position 100 when running any test and all data values are 0 or equal to the rslt.datavaluetoignore
- Fixed: 2xBar G3, resistance gain was not selected immediately after changing it in the system menu, had to do stop start to see effect

Version 7.14.06 (Oct 20 2014)
- Fixed: Index was outside the bounds of the array (clsCustomStress: CreateLogArray function)

Version 7.14.05 (Oct 16 2014)
- Added: SR Sweep test now has stress options
- Fixed: SR sweep test switched to HD0 in HSA configuration
- Fixed: AddIns-Selected modules were not sorted
- Fixed: Could not calibrate 2xBar G3 ISO Offset on Gen3[A] boards
- Fixed: If ELG Clamping was set to 0 could not calibrate ISO offsets
- Added: Improved accuracy of 2xBar G3 ISO circuit calibration

Version 7.14.04 (Oct 14 2014)
- Fixed: Abort Test now aborts 2xBar G3 calibration in 6xmux mode
- Fixed: Shows calibration success / failed at the end of 6xmux calibration
- Fixed: Intermittent ResultNet.Finalize unhandled exception
- Fixed: Clamping voltage is not set on all the boards in 6xMux
- Fixed: [QSEVEN-271] When changing bias for 2xHGA Gen2 in the system menu, had to click start stop for setting to take effect

Version 7.14.03 (Oct 10 2014)
- Added: [QSEVEN-268] Added Confirmation ID to the licensing menu
- Fixed: If software was in edit mode, licensing menu still showed some lockcode instead of indicating that hardware was not present
- fixed: [QSEVEN-270] Bias invert stopped working in Barcont

Version 7.14.02 (Oct 2 2014)
- Fixed: [QSEVEN-267] Could not set clamping to exactly 0.2V
- Fixed: [QSEVEN-265] During calibration a dialog prompted user to connect ampermeter to terminal, but did not cancel procedure if user clicked cancel
- Fixed: Possible damage to the HGAs on 12xHGA reliability tester due to wrong bias setting (when moving to a different channel pair).

Version 7.14.01 (Sep 29 2014)
- Fixed: Power fault detected on 2xBar Gen3 error message with 12xHGA tester
- Fixed: header in the log file was refreshed not added if Log System On Head Result Row option was changed

Version 7.14.00 (Sep 25 2014)
- Fixed: Verious fixes to SR Sweep test
- Fixed: PartID Column made bigger
- Added: Lot System on Head Result Row

Version 7.13.21 (Sep 22 2014)
- Fixed: iAddin interface fixed QuasiAddin property - now returns boolean instead of string

Version 7.13.20 (Sep 18 2014)
- Fixed: PartID for all 12 heads on 12xHGA tester was the same
- Fixed: Software added rows when pasting to the grid that does not allow adding rows
- Fixed: ShowPartID index is out of range if closing setup with start button is pressed

Version 7.13.19 (Sep 17 2014)
- Fixed: VerifyOffsAB Overload resolution failed error (when calibrating ADC offsets)
- Fixed: Could not press enter when entering values in the suggest column on datagrids (stress options, add-ins, etc)
- Fixed: Stress Options button in the Transverse test now shows if stress is enabled by checkmark instead of blue forecolor
- Fixed: Various problems with DC Spectrum Test
- Fixed: Max read bias is out of range value = Y, valid values X..Y

Version 7.13.18 (Sep 8 2014)
- Fixed: HSA/HDA configuration - changing read bias from system menu did not result in physical change until start/stop button was pressed. Introduced in 7.13.14
- Fixed: CH1 head measured incorrectly in 2xHGA configuration (introduced in previous release)

Version 7.13.17 (Sep 5 2014)
- Fixed: [Opensetupfile] The path is not of a legal form.

Version 7.13.16 (Sep 4 2014)
- Fixed: Abort button was disabled in the engineering menu along with runtest and start button. This was preventing HGA lifecycle test from disabling runtest toolbar.

Version 7.13.15 (Sep 3 2014)
- Fixed: If head labels were not unique, production test would run just one head. Now automatically renaming heads to guarantee unique head labels
- Added: Copy and paste to preamp auto detect menu
- Added: When defining preamp autodetect registers, bit values are shifted to the right for easier readability. For example for D2-D2 bit mask, bit value can be 0 or 1 now. In previous versions user had to set to 0 or 4. The values are stored in the database in the old format, so this change is backwards compatible.
- Added: Copy and paste to preamp control menu

Version 7.13.14 (Aug 29 2014)
- Fixed: [QSEVEN-252] 6xMux 2xBar G3 configuration, when changing something in the system menu, the changed was applied to single board that was currently selected
- Fixed: [PERIPH-47] 6xMux when changing heads with bias off, displayed error "Power on board disconnected"
- Fixed: [QSEVEN-253] if selecting smaller bias range for elg/aux, then closing preamp menu, the elg/aux bias became empty

Version 7.13.13 (Aug 26 2014)
- Could not convert some setup files if there were duplicate records
- Error when choosing setup on the setup selection menu
- cryptic error if log file path did not exist, now asks user to change the path
- More descriptive error when can not find certain adaptive parameter
- When restoring adaptive parameters from the database, deleting the ones with empty parameter or testname
- Adaptive parameters did not open test menu when running additional tests in engineering mode, which forced an error in data logging, log plot

Version 7.13.12 (Aug 22 2014)
- Fixed: Production Test Monitors menu showed datagrid error if some of the monitors were missing
- Fixed: production test monitors was not displayed in the operator mode
- Added: Probe Card ID to production monitors
- Added: Revalidates selective data logging automatically when user opens that menu
- Added: Substituted obsolete VB6 file IO functions with 64bit compatible ones. may affect data logging (improve speed)
- Fixed: ProductionDisplay.1 test, released in the previous version generated an SetAdaptiveVar error if user added it to production sequence

Version 7.13.11 (Aug 14 2014)
- Added: support for 100mA bias range for 2xBar G3 (feature 0x10)

Version 7.13.10 (Aug 14 2014)
- Fixed: System parameter were not logged with selective logging enabled for system parameters.
- Added: Data logging and grading for production display items (add production Display.1 to the sequence). Allows logging probe card count.

Version 7.13.09 (Aug 4 2014)
- Added: 2xBar Gen3 probe card eeprom read past 31 field limit (reading part of reader intermediate board)

Version 7.13.08 (July 30 2014)
- Added: Toggle ELG Output delay default changed to 200 (diagnostic function)
- Added: Updated reporting engine for printing and exporting
- Added: Automatically starts production test is enter is pressed inside the partid dialog
- Fixed: Did you click move out tooling if enclosure was not closed

Version 7.13.07 (July 25 2014)
- Added: ISO Amplifier Offset compensation for high resistance devices
- Added: New method for calibrating ISO Gain and ISO R offset (automatic)
- Fixed: Noise Profile test always logged plots, even if log plot option was disabled for that test

Version 7.13.06 (July 23 2014)
- Added: New method to measure voice coil polarity - fixes the VC "unknown" result for some larger inductance voice coils

Version 7.13.05 (July 11 2014)
- Fixed: software would hang up after clicking "START" if head preheat time was set to non-zero value
- Fixed: Message notifiying operator that data logging parameters were converted appeared as an error
- Fixed: Intermittent SynthState error during HSD-500 self-test

Version 7.13.04 (July 10 2014)
- Fixed: Could not load vdmatrox9opt, the software would hang up

Version 7.13.03 (July 8 2014)
- Fixed: Could not do writer calibration
- Fixed: Toggle ELG Output in 2xBar Diag Menu produces magnet overheat and voltage regulator failed
- Fixed: System_set generated system_set.csv log file even when Log individual tests option was disabled.
- Fixed: Quasi-static test if bias was negative but more than 20, then then displayed 'Current' instead of voltage

Version 7.13.02 (July 3 2014)
- Added: In operator menu partid is cleared right after it's been picked up by the test and focus is set on the partid dialog so that operator can enter the next one
- Added: Toggle ELG Output in 2xBar Diag Menu
- Fixed: [QSEVEN-224] if cancel is pressed during write calibration, calibration would stop working until user restarts Quasi97, due to file already open error

Version 7.13.01 (July 2 2014)
- Added: ConvertMDSLib add in for batch conversion
- Added: different algorithm form parsing command line arguments. Ability to select setup from command line arguments (SETUP=a.mds)

Version 7.13.00 (June 23 2014)
- Added: Math least square method made public in quasi97.dll

Version 7.12.11 (June 18 2014)
- Fixed: If CRC was exactly 0, then marked eeprom as corrupted and changed the lock code
- Added: Reports an error when reading extra fields in the probe card eeprom on 2xBar G3

Version 7.12.10 (June 11 2014)
- Fixed: updated default values in the 2xBar eeprom, which may have invalidated Atbias test parameters when running quasi97 in EDIT mode

Version 7.12.9 (June 10 2014)
- Fixed: Overshoot on Aux and ELG when enabling or running R-Sampling test. Bug was introduced in v7.0.0. Added delays when switching aux and elg devices on.

Version 7.12.8 (June 9 2014)
- Fixed: [QSEVEN-215] Cmeter EEPROM selection missing in Diagnostics menu after using "Initialize" button

Version 7.12.7 (June 5 2014)
- Fixed: AuxBias all and ELG Bias All stress would reset conditions left over after AtBias test
- Added: Copy and paste capaibility to static test

Version 7.12.6 (June 3 2014)
- Fixed: out of memory in v 7.12.5 after running for an hour
- Fixed: Isolation test in PR2xBarG3 (one fewer data point)
- Fixed: At bias test settings would be reset after running isolation test

Version 7.12.5 (May 23 2014)
- Fixed: 6xHSA index is out of range
- Added: Sorting tests in the log by test menu
- Fixed: Shell test not working well with adaptive parameters
- Fixed: NoiseApp SMAN II test error when looking through log by test
- Fixed: production test menu failed to repaint after running each test
- Fixed: Can now abort during stress (delay)

Version 7.12.4 (May 12 2014)
- Fixed: Missing variable in custom results would shut down quasi97 abruptly
- Added: cancel button in part id entry dialog
- Added: user is allowed to change the partid right before the test

Version 7.12.2 (May 8 2014)
- Added: quasi.dll compiled to AnyCPU. QuasiStarter.exe is still 32-bit module.
- Added: upgraded oleDB driver to version 12
- Fixed: Different font for licensing menu for easier distinction between I and l
- Fixed: System placeholder in the log file did not display header
- Added: Displaying partID when asking for user comments
- Added: Font size increased in production menu's partID area

Version 7.12.1 (May 2 2014)
- Added: Shell test suite
- Added: Display on 2nd Monitor

Version 7.11.6 (Apr 24 2014)
- Fixed: ELG/Aux Bias On in read mode did not get grayed out with ELG Bias ON checkbox
- Fixed: ELG/Aux Bias did not get enabled right after opening setup file with 20mA range selection

Version 7.11.5 (Apr 23 2014)
- Added: Selecting older license key for overwrite by default. showing which lockcodes have licenses already
- Added: Ability to enter comment after clicking runtest
- Fixed: Start was clicked on 2xBar Gen3 /2xHGA Gen3 despite what inner sensor shows
- Fixed: Results logged multiple times from the same test with selective data logging, and log individual tests

Version 7.11.4 (Apr 21 2014)
- Added: Ability to enter 2nd license key.
- Added: Maintenance reminder 60-days prior to expiration.

Version 7.11.3 (Apr 18 2014)
- Fixed: Fixes to SweepApp: Breakdown Voltage Test, Asymmetry test (stress options)
- Fixed: SR Sweep Test is not limited to 100 data rows
- Fixed: Runtime Error when quitting Quasi97, saying Quasi97 needs to shutdown (with vb6 tests, currently FMRA, RIA, Electromigration, TempApp, HGALifecycle).
- Added: Notice in the lockcode textbox if software failed to communicate to QST. Previously generated user would see 1skN3IuVE/Ak7wiHNUzWdA== lockcode in such cases

Version 7.11.2 (Apr 14 2014)
- Fixed: If last entered PartID was invalid, stopped loading setup file in the middle of restoring system parameters. So some parameters were not restored properly (such as write current, clamping voltage etc)

Version 7.11.1 (Apr 14 2014)
- Fixed: If setup had several instances of Quasi-Static test, everytest instance had the same set of parameters

Version 7.11.0 (Apr 11 2014)
- Added: SweepApp has been converted to .NET
- Fixed: SMAN Test took longer to run
- Fixed: Quasi-Static test stress did not run in dual channel mode in production

Version 7.10.3 (Apr 8 2014)
- Fixed: Data reference had minutes in place of a month
- Fixed: MaxReadBias is out of range (0.x <= 1.500 <= 1.500)

Version 7.10.2 (Apr 4 2014)
- Fixed: Stress in quasi-static test drifted up to the first sequence and then disappeared
- Fixed: Microsoft JET database [storeparameters]: the changes you requested would result in duplicate entries
- Fixed: Did not log test parameters on the first run
- Fixed: [QSEVEN-210] [ShowGrading] Index was outside the bounds of the array
- Fixed: [CloseAllMDIForms] object reference not set to an instance of an object

Version 7.10.1 (Apr 3 2014)
- Fixed: Production test grade included passing grade twice "Failed: A Passed: A; A"
- Fixed: If prompt partid was disabled, and user clicked runtest, object or with block variable not set error appeared (introduced in 7.10.0)

Version 7.10.0 (Apr 2 2014)
- Fixed: Could not enter more than 1 partid
- Fixed: If partId is invalid (per PartIDVerification string in Options menu) does not allow START button to be pressed
- Fixed: DateKey was changing, instead of being fixed number for all heads on the headstack

Version 7.9.16 (Mar 31 2014)
- Fixed: Highfield magnet overheat error when moving the tool outside the magnet.
- Fixed: When selecting different gain, in 500ms/s mode, RMS value sometimes was not reported correctly (could be higher than NoiseAmp)

Version 7.9.15 (Mar 28 2014)
- Fixed: Multiple results with the same name registered in static tests
- Fixed: Formatting error when doing 2xBar Gen3 calibration
- Fixed: Did not run 2xBar stress (introduced in 7.9.13)
- Added: Error dialog is not resizable
- Added: With /Remote=1 key, does not show setup selection menu

Version 7.9.14 (Mar 28 2014)
- Fixed: Custom stress options stopped working in 7.9.13. Also registerCustomStressparams resulted in arithmetic overflow error
- Fixed: Readbias could be set incorrectly

Version 7.9.13 (Mar 27 2014)
- Fixed: Gradetest error - index was outside the bounds of the array
- Fixed: Error during initialization if multiple modules enabled with the same function in hardware options menu
- Fixed: LogTextResultNET error: index was outside of bounds of the array
- Fixed: [LogTestResultsNew] Argument Rank is not valid for the array
- Fixed: During conversion parameter < and placeholders were removed from selective data logging
- Fixed: Not allowing Ohms result in static test

Version 7.9.12 (Mar 26 2014)
- Fixed: In some cases could not store license key in the eeprom (stored 7 out of 8 chars, if the key was all numeric)
- Fixed: MyApplication_UnhandledException: Unable to cast object of type to type and clicking "Apply All" in confirm remove test instance dialog
- Fixed: PInvoke error when there was a problem executing custom formula

Version 7.9.10 (Mar 6 2014)
- Fixed: Error when deleting an instance of Quasi-Static Test
- Fixed: Bias validation error when using VBias preamp chip
- Fixed: Editing stress options from preamp that is not currently selected could generate runtime error

Version 7.9.10 (Feb 27 2014)
- Added: &h conversions to hex has been removed.

Version 7.9.9 (Feb 25 2014)
- Fixed: Names were missing on some of the menus (such as frmdatalogging is now Data Logging)
- Added: Copy and paste to custom results and variables in production test.
- Added: validation to Production custom results and variables (linked and unlinked icons)
- Added: copy and paste to TC custom results
- Fixed: Changes made in the 2xBar G3 calibration table were not used nor got saved to eeprom
- Fixed: Head Select menu in operator mode disappeared for several versions

Version 7.9.8 (Feb 24 2014)
- Fixed: System line and header appeared after every Start/STOP
- Fixed: frmEngineer [ShortCutClick] Object reference not set to an instance of an object
- Added: Gain-based range validation for AuxBias current
- Fixed: SetPreampDLL error in previous revision. Preamp paths went back to Preamps.NET
- Fixed: Showing only the average column in the production menu (data logging is not affected)

Version 7.9.7 (Feb 21 2014)
- Fixed: Preamps are now activated from .NET\Preamps folder.
- Fixed: [QSEVEN-196] database conversion errors - custom variables or adaptive parameters would change to numbers.
- Fixed: [QSEVEN-197] UpdateShortcutBar - the given key was not present in the dictionary

Version 7.9.6 (Feb 17 2014)
- Fixed: [QSEVEN-188] When selecting different preamp from the list, set gain to 1

Version 7.9.5 (Feb 17 2014)
- Fixed: CurrentHeadInitiate is raised twice for every selected head.
- Fixed: If test is aborted then quasi97.application.testsequencer is not raising displayresultsinitate event (same way as in v5)
- Fixed: [QSEVEN-182] If Login parameter is marked required and not enabled, then could not log in.
- Fixed: Could not delete rows in stress options through popup menu
- Fixed: Could not insert new rows in stress options through popup menu
- Fixed: [QSEVEN-187] Could not paste into stress menu

Version 7.9.4 (Feb 14 2014)
- Added: Copy and paste to add-ins and hardware config table
- Fixed: Magnetic sensor doruntransfer subscript out of range error
- Fixed: [PERIPH-36] 12xHGA configuration is now compatible to this version
- Added: PauseTestModule add-in (in samples)
- Fixed: Hardware Options menu did not get resized with Quasi97
- Fixed: [QSEVEN-179] 2nd instance of Quasi97 tried to connect to hardware.
- Fixed: [QSEVEN-180] OpenExcelLogFile Exception 0x800A03EC, especially with auto create log file option
- Fixed: LotID setting disappeared after opening setup file
- Fixed: [QSEVEN-181] Field Zoom feature in QPSSplitter could produce wrong field

Version 7.9.3 (Feb 12 2014)
- Added: Copy and paste to stress options

Version 7.9.2 (Feb 5 2014)
- Fixed: [QSEVEN-167] Open log file was grayed out after running productiont test once
- Fixed: [QSEVEN-163] No longer switches back to summary tab for bar/slider/wafer configurations
- Fixed: [QSEVEN-166] DAC offset calibration in 2xBar G3 diagnostics menu returned an error
- Fixed: [PREAM-9] AtBias test could not set 0mW or 0mV
- Added: Copy&Paste funcionality to production test sequence
- Fixed: Tests disappearing from production menu when adding a new item (tentative)
- Fixed: [QSEVEN-168] CalcTransferuV error when MeasureAt divided by sweep_increment was not whole number
- Fixed: [QSEVEN-172] Summary not logged in PerPartID CSV log format
- Fixed: [QSEVEN-173] Selective logging with system parameters did not log write current and read bias
- Fixed: [QSEVEN-174] Cmeter test results did not appear in the data logging menu
- Fixed: [QSEVEN-165] Backend gain selection allowed mid high and mid low for 160mss mode incorrectly.
- Fixed: [QSEVEN-164] 2xBar G3 Writer Resistance shows different values after selecting up/down.
Another symptom is wrong write data polarity, until system menu is opened.

Version 7.9.1 (Jan 27 2014)
- Fixed: Resistance calibration for 2xBar G2 was incorrect (introduced in 7.8.5), other algorithms using linear fit could be wrong as well.
- Fixed: When selecting different tester configurations and returning to 2xBar G3, software could start giving errors and user would be unable to click start. Problem would be cleared by restarting Quasi97.

Version 7.9.0 (Jan 24 2014)
- Added: Remote Assistance Feature on windows 7/8 (from Help menu)
- Fixed: Quasi-static results were not available for grading or logging (if field, bias or number of cycles was invalid)
- Fixed: DC Spectrum and AC Spectrum tests RBW was off by one (introduced in 7.8.6)
- Fixed: Data logging grid showed some static test results as non-existent (esp for 2xBar G3 tests)
- Fixed: [clsBarG3:ReadBiasNew] Object reference not set to an instance of an object
- Fixed: [Start] Object reference not set to an instance of an object.

Version 7.8.6 (Jan 15 2014)
- Fixed: Wrong (offset) info vs info header in the log file for .NET tests (introduced in 7.8.4)
- Fixed: Result Name was logged instead of AVG (introduced in 7.8.4)
- Fixed: Unable to run SMAN with write option (introduced in 7.8.5)

Version 7.8.5 (Jan 15 2014)
- Added: Legacy Raw Data format for transverse test (Diagnostics - Board Diagnostics - Legacy Raw Data format)
- Added: SMAN Digitizer Test

Version 7.8.4 (Jan 10 2014)
- Added: type safe function calls to popcorn test classes (primarily noiseapp test suite is affected)
- Fixed: Default data logging column order in the log file was incorrectly changed in 7.8.0 (sorted by statistical column first, then by result name, like this: AVG AVG AVG ... MAX MAX MAX, now back to AVG MAX AVG MAX AVG MAX)

Version 7.8.3 (Jan 9 2014)
- Fixed: Key is not present in the collection error after opening setup file (if there was a runtime error in one of the tests)
- Fixed: Last data point was not shown on the plot (in some tests)
- Fixed: method GetGradeStr not found when running test

Version 7.8.2 (Dec 24 2013)
- Fixed: After running RSampling test on aux or ELG on CH1, Aux(or ELG) would turn off

Version 7.8.1 (Dec 24 2013)
- Fixed: CreateCompleteInfoLogArrays - unable to cast object of type system.object[] to system.string[]. Introduced in 7.8.0
- Fixed: W/R recovery test BeginInvoke error

Version 7.8.0 (Dec 16 2013)
- Added: Copy and Paste to EEPROM and preamp registry grids
- Added: Copy and Paste to Selective Data logging grids
- Added: Copy and paste to Grading grids
- Added: New Selective data logging format (allows user to separate static head result from others)
- Added: Select Data Logging validation to help user find missing results
- Fixed: Did not clear UserResults, resulted in error in SR Sweep test, complementresults function
- Fixed: System worksheet did not log ReadBias,ReadBiasCh2,WriteCurrent
- Fixed: On system worksheet, grade Params was set to No, even if grading was enabled
- Fixed: if user clicked Enter (instead of pressing OK button) in OperatorLogin dialog, then the focus is automatically shifted from PartID field to head label
- Fixed: Added PartID to summary line in production test
- Fixed: Error when validating custom stress options or running them (found on 2xBar)

Version 7.7.08 (Dec 10 2013)
- Added: View Log File feature [QSEVEN-130]
- Fixed: FillTestValue items error when opening test specific logging [QSEVEN-129]
- Fixed: SR Sweep Reporting wrong statistic [QSEVEN-132]
- Fixed: After capacitance calibration flushed the cable offsets in the xml file [QSEVEN-118]
- Fixed: Setup list was empty after hardware initialization if motherboard eeprom was blank [QSEVEN-131]
- Fixed: Customize transverse results doesn't get saved in setup [QSEVEN-85]
- Added: Bjmp RMS result in Transfer curve [QSEVEN-98]
- Fixed: Error when displaying error message on the wrong thread
- Fixed: [OperatorLogin] controls created on one thread cannot be parented to control on a different thread

Version 7.7.07 (Dec 9 2013)
- Fixed: MoveUp MoveDown buttons were not working in the Hardware Manager
- FIxed: LogTextResultsNewNET Conversion from type 'stringBuilder' to type 'string' is not valid
- Fixed: System menu changing bias would not produce result right away.
- Fixed: on x64 bit PC - [MainNew] Could not find a part of the path 'C:\Program Files\Integral Solutions Int'l\Preamps'. Introduced in 7.7.0
- Fixed: Sweep test - arithmetic operation resulted in overflow

Version 7.7.06 (Dec 5 2013)
- Added: Enforcing preamp autodetect to work only in HSA/HDA tester config.
- Added: AtBias test to PR2xBARG3 test suite
- Added: Hexadecimal representation of the failcode on the test form (still decimal in the log file for compatibility)
- Fixed: On Gen2 HSA/HDA boards, CMeter did not calibrate cable offsets.
- Fixed: Failcode not calculated correctly in the production test (custom results)
- Fixed: Could not resize columns in production test

Version 7.7.05 (Nov 27 2013)
- Added: Compatibility to Excel 2013.
- Fixed: If number of worksheets to add was set to 1, could not create new excel log file
- Fixed: When trying to open existing log file, prompt asked if user wants to overwrite instead of append.
- Fixed: When opening text file could fail because filenumber was declared as short
- Fixed: Memory leak in production, after running for a long time
- Fixed: errors when logging large datasets coming out from noise stability test
- Fixed: When operator login dialog appeared, the focus was not set on password field
- Fixed: Erroneous SMAN spikes on HSD-500, introduced in 7.6.0

Version 7.7.04 (Nov 13 2013)
- Fixed: Could not run sweep test (introduced in 7.7.x)
- Fixed: Production test error VerifyPreampCommunication failed to convert
- Fixed: Error dialog was in the background

Version 7.7.03 (Nov 11 2013)
- Fixed: Activating .NET preamps from folder Preamps.NET
- Fixed: LogRawDataCSVNET arithmetic operation resulted in overflow error in certain tests.
- Fixed: Login Parameters. Auto Create Log file creation - Browse button showed an error
- Fixed: [OpenExelLogFile] Exception from HRESULT: 0x800A03EC
- Fixed: After Cap Calibration the start button remained pressed

Version 7.7.01 (Nov 8 2013)
- Added: 2xBar preamp chip migrated to .NET (Rsampling, Isolation, Contact tests, WriteProfile)

Version 7.7.00 (Nov 5 2013)
- Added: Supports .NET preamp drivers
- Fixed: Preamp Control menu was not refreshed on Load (contained old data or no data at all)

Version 7.6.09 (Oct 31 2013)
- Added: Complete new interface for entering PartID
- Fixed: error message dialog stayed in the background
- Fixed: could not type in module name manually in the add-ins
- Fixed: designator window was blocked by taskbar
- Fixed: Production Complete is no longer a dialog box, but part of production menu
- Fixed: [logTextResultsNewNET] Conversion from type 'stringbuilder' to type 'string' is not valid
- Fixed: QSEVEN-109 Could not run 2xbar Gen3 calibration from Quasi97-->Calibrate menu Object reference not set to an instance of an object
- Fixed: ReadBias pane was disabled in the calibration menu
- Fixed: SetAdaptiveVars - item not present in the collection

Version 7.6.08 (Oct 28 2013)
- Fixed: Preamp Auto Detect was offset by one bit, which could cause in wrong preamp selection or auto detect unable to select preamp (introduced in 7.2.x).
- Fixed: SMAN test was missing a result and two others were swapped.
- Fixed: When starting the test using operator menu, focus switches to PARTID field
- Fixed: Adaptive parameters always resulted in zero for some tests (if upgrading setup file from old version)
- Fixed: Production Monitor feature did not reset display until the test was over.

Version 7.6.07 (Oct 25 2013)
- Fixed: Preamp Auto Detect menu blank on startup
- Fixed: Settings in preamp autodetect menu were not saved when closing the form
- Fixed: Error converting DBNull with preamp Auto Detect feature
- Fixed: Cmeter calibration factors were not saved
- Fixed: Operator login dialog appeared in background, which could seem to the user that software hanged
- Fixed: clicking enter after entering partid in operator menu, now also clicks OK button to submit it.

Version 7.6.06 (Oct 24 2013)
- Fixed: SetBiasCurrent Arithmetic operation resulted in overflow
- Added: Compatibility to STTRAM application
- Added: NoiseStability test

Version 7.6.05 (Oct 18 2013)
- Fixed: Transverse stress button forecolor was hard to see on windows 8.
- Added: Icons to various diagnostics forms.
- Fixed: Some controls not visible with 125% text size windows setting

Version 7.6.04 (Oct 17 2013)
- Fixed: When running on static head productiont test calculated non-static results (HSA/HDA mode)
- Fixed: Static Test Averages and Cycles columns were swapped.
- Fixed: Transverse parameter columns arranged closer to original order in v5
- Fixed: double click in diagnostics menu would crash software instead of bringing up password input box
- Fixed: If closing excel log file, then exiting software wihtout cloing data logging menu first, Quasi97 could generate error messages "Can not access disposed object groupbox...".
- Fixed: Could not open static test form - can not bind Averages column. (Introduced in 7.6.3)
- Fixed: Could not open non .NET forms (introduced in 7.6.3)

Version 7.6.03 (Oct 8 2013)
- Added: 64-bit OS support
- Fixed: When clicking Print Preview button, object or with block variable not set error.
- Fixed: Allowing PatGen calibration with field gain of 1.
- Fixed: Initialize button in QST-2001plus resulted in subsequent invalid row error in SMAN test and sometimes voltage regulator failed error.
- Fixed: Transverse test max slope step was disabled. This parameter could generate error when closing transverse test menu in some setups.
- Fixed: Tests available on Static test grid are now sorted by name
- Fixed: Tests available on Production test grid are now sorted by name

Version 7.6.02 (Oct 8 2013)
- Added: Disposing of COM test objects (should help with unable to overwrite quasitmp.mds error with custom test modules)
- Added: ISI2010Lib is now .NET (if using FMRA and RIA2008, updated version is required)

Version 7.6.01 (Oct 4 2013)
- Fixed: Writer calibration tab in the Calibrate menu was disabled
- Added: Every time abort button is clicked, a message is shown indicating the reason for abort

Version 7.6.00 (Sep 30 2013)
- Fixed: When removing or subsituting test did not update selective logging table
- Fixed: error if during opensetupterminate trying to remove a test (frmGrading)
- Fixed: no loner case-sensitive now when initializing .NET add-ins
- Added: Noiseapp.NET

Version 7.5.09 (Sep 27 2013)
- Fixed: Could not open any log file (introduced in 7.5.8)
- Fixed: When closing Quasi97 did not save excel log file
- Added: XarrayDB is not referenced in Quasi97 anymore - helps avoid type mismatch errors

Version 7.5.08 (Sep 20 2013)
- Added: Split System menu, options parameters menu
- Fixed: If registering .NET class with no icon, showed error
- Fixed: Reader 16-bit resistance showed wrong result (introduced in version 7.3.x)

Version 7.5.07 (Sep 17 2013)
- Fixed: could not open noiseapp
- Added: Highfield Transfer curve can be added to sweep test
- Fixed: Test report would spill over to another page (part reference field)
- Fixed: If user zoomed in on the test graph, plot would not be shown correctly on the page
- Fixed: Add Copy function on the test tree
- Fixed: Shortcut buttons for single setup tests now can not be renamed and full testid is displayed on them
- Fixed: Quasi97 would shut down when user closed all the test tabs.
- Fixed: Print preview has gray background.
- Added: Some properties of the generic test graph has been changed to protected (to be inherited by custom modules)

Version 7.5.05 (Sep 10 2013)
- Added: Test shortcut button order reversed every time setup is saved
- Fixed: Production test complete dialog now appears on top of all other windows.

Version 7.5.04 (Sep 10 2013)
- Added: Test Shortcut button added
- Fixed: Could not select any tests in Grading menu
- Added: Production complete message

Version 7.5.03 (Sep 10 2013)
- Fixed: CallByNameNet function accepts variable number of arguments now, allowing to call property get

Version 7.5.02 (Sep 9 2013)
- Fixed: non-symmetric mode in Transfer Curve test
- Fixed: test names sometimes would disappear
- Fixed: If deleting a test from test tree would show error
- Fixed: Transverse plot did not scale correctly, expecially for mV and Ohm units
- Fixed: Add/Remove buttons did not work on the test tree

Version 7.5.01 (Sep 8 2013)
- Added: SECS/GEM support
- Added: AutoOpenSetup (True/False) flag in quasi.ini
- Added: SECS_GEM (1/0) flag in quasi.ini
- Added: Production Complete /Aborted message
- Added: Simpler Operator interface for script and log file selection
- Added: Recipies and Logfiles folders in Shared Documents\Integral solutions int'l
- Fixed: Random QST 2 Fault register 1 error (introduced in 7.4.15)

Version 7.4.15 (Sep 4 2013)
- Fixed: Mainboard EEPROM warning on startup when trying to overwrite CRC.
- Fixed: 2xHGA G1 goes into infinite loop on startup
- Fixed: 2xBar G3 calibration menu - Measure V would become disabled and stay that way until reopened setup
- Fixed: Removed reference to VB PowerPack controls - system-timing menu and 6xmux Diagnostics menus were updated.
- Fixed: When changing tester configuration in the system menu error "LostFocus" selectedindex is out of range
- Fixed: Pulser configuration did not work - SetBiasInitiate/Terminate events not raised
- Fixed: Rare overflow error in 2xHGA Gen1 configuration when turning bias on and tooling was not connected.

Version 7.4.14 (Aug 30 2013)
- Fixed: Magnet protection Circuit Breaker trip kept repeating until fault is cleared
- Fixed: UpdateCurTest error when selecting diagnostics modules

Version 7.4.13 (Aug 29 2013)
- Fixed: When closing excel log file could freeze

Version 7.4.12 (Aug 29 2013)
- Fixed: Raw Data logging in production in Excel format generated a DBNull conversion error.

Version 7.4.11 (Aug 29 2013)
- Fixed: Software hangs up when running transfer curve with large step (high field)
- Fixed: Excel data logging, error when adding worksheets (introduced in 7.4.9)
- Fixed: Sweep to (oe) parameter was changed to "sweep to" in transverse test

Version 7.4.09 (Aug 23 2013)
- Fixed: Structured errorhandling everywhere
- Added: CustomStress mechanism for add-ins
- Fixed: QST did recover from power fault - other hardware option may not have detected their faults

Version 7.4.08 (Aug 23 2013)
- Fixed: GetPopcornCount =0 (introduced in 7.4.6)
- Fixed: Software did not detect Power fault (introduced in 7.4.6)
- Fixed: clsSweepTest invalid cast exception - error converting from DBNull if one of the sweep parameters was not set
- Fixed: Logresults in CSV mode if log file was set to blank string and log statistics was disabled
- Fixed: SElect setup form did not close after selecting setup
- Fixed: Barcontlib driver Terminate if closing software before user opens test setup file
- Fixed: HReadAmp subscript out of range in 2xBar Gen3 mode for DC spectrum test

Version 7.4.07 (Aug 23 2013)
- Fixed: RDX RDY reported 0V instead of 1 and 2 on the HSA diagnostic board. Introduced in 7.4.0. Could manifest as different failure in HSA configuration.
- Added: Different way of handling errors, which should improve performance.

Version 7.4.06 (Aug 22 2013)
- Fixed: Electromigration test did not work on 2xHGA Gen2.

Version 7.4.05 (Aug 22 2013)
- Fixed: EPS-100 option failed to initialize
- Fixed: 2xHGA G2 - clamping voltage was not set which result in incorrect resistance measurement.
- Fixed: 2xHGA G2 - [grdCalResBias_LostFocus] Index was outside the bounds of the array
- Fixed: WriteFIFO - Arithmetic operation resulted in overflow
- Fixed: Quasi-static tests not measuring past first line item in dual channel mode

Version 7.4.04 (Aug 20 2013)
- Fixed: Unable to open Quasi97 in EDIT mode
- Fixed: [StaticTest:Runtest] Object Required with 2xBar G2
- Fixed: [NoiseProfile Test:LogPlots] Class does not support automation or expected interface
- Fixed: [Test:Sequencer: CopyRawDataNet] A column named 'x' already belongs to this datatable

Version 7.4.03 (Aug 19 2013)
- Fixed: SetAdaptiveVars - arithmetic operation resulted in overflow
- Fixed: User formatting options in the data logging menu were interpreted incorrectly which result in bad log data (selective logging only)

Version 7.4.02 (Aug 19 2013)
- Fixed: Wrong bias set on 2xBar G3, and wrong resistance measured (introduced in 7.4.0)
- Fixed: Adjust AC was not taking resistance into account.
- Fixed: If Transverse was closed and reopened and a result then forward curve would not be shown

Version 7.4.01 (Aug 15 2013)
- Fixed: Could not initialize 2xBar G2 tester config (errors during setup opening)
- Fixed: Test forms' close button is now disabled to prevent opening menu full screen
- Fixed: When reinitializing a hardware option, duplicate entry error was shown
- Fixed: slow loading time for System menu (pay close attention to possible changes in preamp autodetect operation)

Version 7.4.00 (Aug 14 2013)
- Different GUID for QST2001Plus class (if using early binding need to recompile)
- Removed: 8xHGA, 32xHGA, 1xHGA, Tray configurations. Other tester configuration were optimized
- Added: Quasi97.Application.TConfig property for generic access to front end board
- Fixed: Setup description would sometimes disappear
- Added: Skip on Clamp Active feature in production test

Version 7.3.02 (Aug 8 2013)
- Fixed: Removed C1 column from stat grid in the production test menu
- Fixed: 2xBar G2 unable to read writer board eeprom (if bias is off).
- Fixed: Allowing 1000 iteration in quasi-static test
- Fixed: Parameters were not saved after closing test form (test tab)
- Added: Test shortcut button was removed, now only tabs are available. Tabs would automatically when logging into engineering mode

Version 7.3.01 (Aug 7 2013)
- Fixed: Wrong icon appeared when adding a group to setup select dialog
- Fixed: Unable to add any setups to list
- Fixed: Software erroneously generated 40+ character lockcode
- Fixed: clsSetups storeparameters1 error in SQL insert statement
- Fixed: clsNormalization-restoreparmeters3 Conversion from type 'DBNull' to type 'String' is not valid.
- Fixed: Preamp Autodetect loaded wrong values
- Fixed: Preamp Autodetect did not show values in hex
- Fixed: Refreshselectedtest - object not set to an instance of an object
- Fixed: VerifyPreampCommunication Conversion from string xx to type double is not valid
- Fixed: CreateStatArraysNET Conversion from type 'DBNull' to type 'String' is not valid

Version 7.2.11 (Aug 2 2013)
- Fixed: Quasi97 would shutdown somewhere in the middle of hardware initialization or on the setup selection screen
- Fixed: Could not run popcorn mode 5 and 6 on the old popcorn boards
- Fixed: SetAdaptiveVars - Key is not present in the collection error
- Fixed: No Heads selected error when trying to run test, even if user selects heads in the options menu.
- Fixed: Runtime error when going to Licensing menu with no hardware connection (EDIT Mode)
- Fixed: License lockcode problem
- Fixed: Could not add setup to the list in the setup selection menu (AddFileToArray1 error) if no node was selected.
- Fixed: add copy function on the test tree did not work

Version 7.2.10 (Jul 22 2013)
- Fixed: Point to ground fail on every pin (introduced in previous version)

Version 7.2.09 (Jul 17 2013)
- Fixed: During initialization error "EEReceive - no overload oeprator defined for DBNull". Introduced in previous release
- Fixed: error when opening SMAN, Popcorn, SMAN2 and R/W recovery tests menus
- Fixed: CmeterApp did not show test results

Version 7.2.07 (Jul 15 2013)
- Fixed: MR Clamp during write and Bias On during Write options in the Preamp control menu were not saved
- Fixed: Production test list could contain Production.1 instance, which would result in infinite loop
- Fixed: Could not write to motherboard eeprom (and other internal) on ISI QST device
- Fixed: When trying to open print preview menu, showed object is disposed error
- Fixed: Low Frequency Detect fault in VCC tests for the preamp chip. Also DC write data not applied until user opens system menu.
- Fixed: If ser turned of power on QST and clicked Abort to the prompt to find USB device, Quasi97 was stuck in infinite loop with error messages and could not exit.
- Fixed: Autosizing rows and columns in production menu to accomodate bigger results
- Fixed: Transverse (and other .NET tests) not appearing on Print or PrintPreview dialogs (introduced in 7.2.3)
- Added: Preamp Auto Detect now prevents production test from running.
- Added: Access to remotemode variable (Quasi97.QuasiParameters.RemoteMode)
- Added: Automatic license for QST-2002Plus (HSD-500) is removed
- Added: Log On Demand feature
- Added: Trial license mechanism

Version 7.2.06 (Jul 5 2013)
- Fixed: Using file version instead of assy verion.
- Added: made public some enumerations required for vbappsample

Version 7.2.05 (June 25 2013)
- Fixed: Default field in HSD-500 readonly eeprom did not display proper year or day
- Added: 2xBar Gen3B bias pulsing feature
- Fixed: If selective logging is disabled and Abort on Fail enabled, then columns could be remapped in production and new header would not appear.
- Fixed: If using File-->Exit, generated several error messages (Object or with block variable not set)
- Fixed: Confirmation dialog appeared with Excel too often, essentially asking user twice for each operation user wanted to do with excel log file
- Fixed: Sweep test restored the wrong statistic (starting from version 7.0). Affects users if statistical results other than avg where extracted by sweep test. this change makes v7 sweep data compatible to v5 and v6.
- Added: Confirm Quasi97 close dialog
- Fixed: Running multiple instances of Quasi97
- Fixed: MaxSlope and Slope results in Transverse were calculated incorrectly (started in v7.0.0)
- Fixed: Custom results in production test calculated only the first result correctly (started in v7.0.0)
Version 7.2.05 (June 12 2013)
- Fixed: Overshoot on ELG

Version 7.2.04 (June 12 2013)
- Fixed: Quasi-Static--> Amplitude test reported 0s on the 2nd channel when running in production test
- Added: Serial COM optimization for 2xBar Gen3, should result in slightly faster uph.
- Added: Tests to speed up QC of 2xBar G3

Version 7.2.03 (June 10 2013)
- Added: Run Quasi97 hardware in simulation mode
- Added: replaced PNG image export to EMF, saving 40mS / display plot
- Fixed: Memory leak with display plots off
- Added: Fix for Point to Ground test PtPt boards rev p-u
- Fixed: AC Noise test prompted an error "variant wrapper can not be converted to double"
- Added: BoardSN properties required for new CMeterApp

Version 7.2.01 (May 29 2013)
- Added: New syntax for custom results and adaptiveparameters.
- Fixed: HSA/HDA did not run custom stress declared by preamp chip drivers

Version 7.1.02 (May 20 2013)
- Added: Licensing
- Fixed: Preamp registry grid did not allow changing values
- Added: vbSampleApp is .NET compatible
- Fixed: License Tampering catch
- Added: events from testsequncer are public

Version 7.0.18 (May 10 2013)
- Fixed: Slow 2xBar Gen3 operation (IO)
- Fixed: QST Fault Register 3 when running popcorn test with AC field enabled

Version 7.0.17 (May 7 2013)
- Fixed: After clicking runtest, current test was changed
- Fixed: software erroneously allowed changing TestID, after which instance name was set to empty string
- Fixed: Production test showed error message if empty line was present in the sequence.
- Fixed: Head Selection occured after clicking run test

Version 7.0.16 (Apr 29 2013)
- Fixed: Grading always showed passed on COM tests
- Fixed: Switching between test menues produced runtime error
- Added: EEPROM class split into 4 different ones

Version 7.0.13 (Apr 19 2013)
- Fixed: Sweeptest did not migrate database correctly (starting with 7.0.0)
- Fixed: If test menu was minimized, now restores window to normal size
- Fixed: Error when clicking "Write eeprom to files" in Diagnostics menu
- Fixed: If the same parameter was enabled twice in the Sweep Test, generated an error
- Fixed: Selecting current test, or a diagnostics menu now brings the GUI in front

Version 7.0.12 (Apr 15 2013)
- Fixed: R-Sampling test did not work (or any tests using 16bit ADC). Broken in 7.0.11

Version 7.0.11 (Apr 10 2013)
- Fixed: Did not create all instances when loading COM Test from setup file
- Fixed: Diagnostics menu / EEPROM resizing
- Added: Borders in the setup selection dialog
- Added: Row selector in the Hardware Manager menu. Remove "Edit" button.
- Fixed: clsCustomSress index is out of bounds of the array
- Fixed: Default ABHV offset was not taken into account
- Fixed: Creating new setup file did not work
- Fixed: Sometimes the cursor was stuck on PartID and Comments field
- Fixed: Immediately after loading test setup, could not select head number, unless reset total number of heads in the system menu.
- Fixed: Preamp ABHV offset calculation parameters were not bound to the control

Version 7.0.10 (Apr 10 2013)
- Fixed: Static head could not be selected
- Fixed: Error in AddResult in Static test "column already contains..." result
- Fixed: Static test result could not be printed

Version 7.0.9 (Apr 2 2013)
- Added: UPH improved

Version 7.0.8 (Apr 1 2013)
- Fixed: Static tests were hanging on in memory, after closing setup file
- Fixed: build portion of the version was not displayed
- Added: Fast Code Optimization

Version 7.0.7 (Mar 31 2013)
- Initial Release

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