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STTRAM Test Module v4.5.24

* requires Quasi97 v7 {7.20.01 or later}

STTRAM Test Module v4.5.24

STTRam module Release Notes

Version 4.5.18: Aug 13 2020
- Fixed: Other than Endurance.1 setup, the default setup values of Endurance test
will trigger exception when executed.
- Fixed: Sometimes, after adding a new "Fail On Parameter" on Endurance test GUI
may trigger exception.

Version 4.5.17: Mar 03 2020
-Added: "Individual Control 2" pulse mode is added in Endurance test.
This mode will generate uniform pulse width and duty cycle for each complete
cycle with less precise timing compared to "Individual Control 1" pulse mode
introduced in v. 4.5.15. The "1" pulse mode will generate more precise pulse
and delay but may have "trailing" region for each complete cycle.

Version 4.5.16: Jan 16 2020
-Fixed: Endurance test parameter values are not exported to log file.

Version 4.5.15: Jan 8 2020
-Fixed: Read Disturb test uses pulse amplitude value as a delay value to wait for pulse generation completion.
Note that this bug does not affect any test result accuracy or correctness.
Added: Support of external pulse generator.
Added: Individual pulse width and duty cycle control for Rh and Rl in Endurance test.

Version 4.5.14B3: Apr 10 2019
-Build: For STTMRAM2 changes for version 1.3.12

Version 4.5.14B2: Apr 4 2019
-Build: For STTMRAM2 changes for version 1.3.11

Version 4.5.14: Dec 6 2018
-Added: VBreakdown Test: Capability to perform stress using hardware pulsing vs software controlled
-Added: H-Transfer Test: "at 0" results are now native to the test

Version 4.5.13: Oct 8 2018
-Fixed: If use Res Gain was set for Amplitude Gain in the system menu. HTransfer was not using this setting

Version 4.5.12: Oct 2 2018
-Fixed: V-Transfer Test: Was giving index out of range error. if part did not swtich states Was not compiled properly in last release

Version 4.5.11: Oct 1 2018
-Fixed: V-Transfer Test: Was giving index out of range error. if part did not swtich states

Version 4.5.10: Sept 20 2018
-Fixed: V-Transfer Test: Was giving DBNull error if adaptive parameters were run

Version 4.5.9: Sept 14 2018
-Fixed: V-Transfer Test: Was giving DBNull error
-Ficed: V-Transfer Test: If plotting current, was not showing any data

Version 4.5.8: Aug 30 2018
-Added: V-Transfer Test: Capability to run multiple cycles
-Fixed: V-Switch test: Did not detect switch if starting state was in low R state

Version 4.5.7B4: Jan 16 2018
-Build: For STTPulserLib Changes for Version 3.8.3

Version 4.5.7: March 2 2017
-Added Capability to save RVHScan parameters

Version 4.5.6: Feb 2 2017
- Fixed: Beta Version of RVHScan. Abort Test was not working
- Fixed: Beta Version of RVHScan. Setting field to 0 for magnet cooldown was happening in the Hsweep loop. changed to occur in the pulse sweep loop
- Added: Beta Version of RVHScan. logging of parameters run

Version 4.5.5: Jan 27 2017
- Added: Beta Version of RVHScan. Runs Field,Pulse sweep and measures Resistance change

Version 4.5.2: Feb 4 2016
- Fixed: Current restored when switching from VBias to IBias mode, which could result in mtj damage if probe card with no sense path was used.

Version 4.5.1: Feb 3 2016
- Fixed: IBias reader did not work on the 2nd measurement

Version 4.5.0: Jan 27 2016 (requires Quasi97 7.41.0)
- Added: Ability to float remaining channels when doing DC measurements on Aux, ELG and Reader

Version 4.4.12: Sep 25 2015
- Fixed: Compatibility to Quasi97 7.31.14

Version 4.4.11: July 10 2015
- Fixed: Pulse width did not log data for subtests
- Fixed: Field Write Probability did not log data for subtests

Version 4.4.10: June 2 2015
- Fixed: V-Transfer Row -1 does not exist

Version 4.4.9: June 2 2015
- Fixed: [PERIPH-75] H-Transfer resistance result is negative for very large resistance values
- Fixed: V-Transfer test column shift if switch voltage was not detected

version 4.4.8: Apr 14 2015
- Fixed: compatibility to the new fitutility 3.1.0

version 4.4.4: Mar 6 2015
- Fixed: H-Transfer output in vbias mode (Rh and Rl) did not match MTJ resistance and other tests.

version 4.4.3: Feb 24 2015
- Fixed: Pulse Width test not able to run

version 4.4.02 : Feb 19 2015
- Fixed: Field Write Probability test raised a flag when any other test is deleted (that it was affected)
- Fixed: MTJ Resistance test setups were removed when migrating from older setup files

version 4.4.01 : Jan 30 2015
- Fixed: [QSEVEN-286] Reader sense lines compensation (new probe cards)

version 4.3.07 : Jan 28 2015
- Fixed: [periph-58] could not store cycles in mtj resistance test

version 4.3.06 : Jan 21 2015
- Fixed: when changing default ibias/vbias mode did not update until next time software was restarted

version 4.3.05 : Jan 20 2015
- Fixed: RestoreParameters: resitancerange field not found
- Fixed: RestoreParameters: Fourptmode field not found

version 4.3.04 : Dec 08 2014
- Fixed: [PERIPH-55] STTMRAM new adaptive module always have index error if values were set to null. Could not revert to numeric value from setting a parameter to null.

Version 4.3.03 (Nov 26 2014)
- Added: SHE compatibility

Version 4.3.02 (Nov 24 2014)
- Fixed: Read Disturb: Did not account for reverse MTJ case

Version 4.3.01 (Nov 21 2014)
- Fixed: Pulse width test would not run if HBias was addapted

Version 4.3.00 (Nov 20 2014)
- Added: support for 4pt measurement in vbias mode (select probe cards)
- Fixed: Resistance reported by MTJ resistance test and H-Transfer differed slightly

Version 4.2.11 (Oct 22 2014)
-Added: VBreakDown Tests: Added capability to alternate polarity for Sweep tests
-Fixed: TMR result for Htransfer did not work for parts with multiple steps. New TMR finds location of Max difference between forward and reverse curve

Version 4.2.10 (Sep 18 2014)
- Fixed: if QPSSolitter was not being used, did not set field correctly in Endurance,Resistance, Transfer, pulsewidth, singlepulse, and vswitch tests.
- Fixed: if more than one pulser was in hardware options menu and last one was not active, would say no pulsers detected and not allow to run some tests

Version 4.2.9 (Sep 10 2014)
- Fixed: Measuring without splitter on CH1

Version 4.2.8 (Sep 9 2014)
- Fixed: Could not measure MTJ Resistance, H-Transfer on ELG, Aux, on CH1

Version 4.2.7 (Aug 26 2014)
- Fixed: Endurance Tests: If tests other than itself was added to the fail/check list would give an error
- Fixed: Endurance Tests: Plots were not being plotted in log scale if first data point on x-axis was a 0 value
- Fixed: VBreakdown Tests: If tests other than itself was added to the fail/check list would give an error

Version 4.2.6 (Aug 25 2014)
- Fixed: Endurance Tests: Did not exit if delta, or max value was reached, and did not display delta result or location of failure
- Fixed: VBreakdown Tests: Did not exit if delta, or max value was reached, and did not display delta result or location of failure

Version 4.2.5 (Aug 21 2014)
- Fixed: MTJ Res Tests: did not restore selected results due to additions of customizable results in version 4.1.2
- Fixed: MTJ Res Tests: [MeasureAuxELGResistance] there is no row at position 0 (if aux is selected or any of the ELGs)

Version Next 4.2.3 (Jul 25 2014)
- Fixed: Read Disturb Tests: Error if time to switch device exceeded time bins
- Fixed: Read Disturb Tests: Changed time scale back to log
- Fixed: Read Disturb Tests: Allowed plot colors to change more for better viewing.

Version Next 4.2.2 (Jul 24 2014)
- Fixed: if running test with many cycles, error would popup when trying to assign colors to the data points

Version Next 4.2.1 (Jul 1 2014)
- Added: pure .net, no COM dependencies
- Fixed: V-Transfer could not show I-V curve only R-V
- Added: AutoCal support

Version Next 4.1.2 (Jun 19 2014)
- Fixed: Object or with block variable not set when running H-Transfer or V-Transfer on ELG and Aux channels
- Added: MTJRes Test: Capability to select customizable data to store on the forms it self
- Fixed: Pulse Width Test: Show same color for fitted vs data: Back compatability issue

Version Next 4.1.1 (Jun 1 2014)
- Fixed: Issues with STTMRAM2 Install

Version Next 4.1.0 (Jun 1 2014)
- Added: Install file also installs STTMRAM2 Module

Version Next 4.0.5 (May 21 2014)
- Fixed: V-Breakdown Tests: Was not reporting results Average Statistics correctly
- Fixed: Endurance Tests: Was not reporting results Average Statistics correctly
- Fixed: Endurance Tests: Sweep To was not allowing values greater than 1
- Fixed: Endurance Tests: Changed plotting method back to log scale

Version Next 4.0.4 (May 9 2014)
- Added: Anycpu

Version Next 4.0.3 (Apr 23 2014)
- Added: V-Switch Test: Capability of selecting to pulse positive or negative pulse only.
- Fixed: PulseWidth test shows runtime error with Log Plots option enabled
- Fixed: Pulsewidth test shows logresultsnet error with Log CSV option enabled

Version 3.4.0 (Oct 18 2013)
- Added: Test parameters related to HDW sweep

Version 3.3.8 (Sep 27 2013)
- Added: MTJ Resistance test in VBias mode, measures resistance without probe card connection
- Fixed: V-Switch fast test kept MTJ at reset field.

Version 3.3.7 (Aug 02 2013)
- Fixed: could not show license error form and peripheral control in Quasi97 v7
- Fixed: H-RowColChange error after running H-Transfer test

Version 3.3.6 (Aug 02 2013)
- Fixed: Write Probability test was not switching properly if using pulsing.

Version 3.3.5 (Jul 09 2013)
- Fixed: MTJResistance: gave overflow error if using aux or elgb channels

Version 3.3.4 (Jul 09 2013)
- Fixed: Issue with fitting sharrock formula in field write probability test

Version 3.3.3 (Jul 08 2013)
- Added: Delta+ and Delta- calculations to field write probability test

Version 3.3.2 (June 26 2013)
- Fixed: made back compatible to pre .net quasi versions

Version 3.3.1 (June 25 2013)
- Fixed: Compatible to version 6
- Fixed: Htransfer: If run with negative Bias, resulting plot was mirrored.
- Fixed: MtjResistance: corrected issues with overflow detection.

Version 3.3.0 (June 13 2013)
- Fixed: Field Write Probability test: Removed Debug stop command in calculating optimal adc settle
- Fixed: Memory Leak (migrated to ProE V7)

Version 3.2.10 Oct 29 2012
- Fixed: Write Probability test: OverRun Error if cycles set to 100000
- Fixed: V-Breakdown Test: if using 'Cycle Test' section would set bias from "Sweep Section" From Value for Stress Bias
- Added: V-Breakdown Test: Increased number of cycles that can be run from 100 to 32000

Version 3.2.9 Sept 26 2012
- Recompile: when customer installed got trianglewave error, due to compilation with latest version

Version 3.2.8 Sept 12 2012
- Fixed: Write Probability test: pulse Amp in raw data was always positive; shows negative values for negative pulsing
- Fixed: Read Disturb Test: Now Allows reset field and pulse amplitude to be postive or negative
- Fixed: V-Switch Test: if Cycles >=1 in production mode, would give an error.
- Added: V-Switch Test: Assist field polarity, tied to pulsing polarity

Version 3.2.7 Aug 02 2012
- Fixed: Write Probability test was only pulsing on ch0, did not pulse on ch1
- Fixed: Vtransfer division by zero error if resistance measured was 0.

Version 3.2.6 July 10 2012
- Added: Added capability of selecting positive or negative starting pulse for V-switch test
- Added: Allowed Write Probability reset field to be positive or negative
- Added: Allowed Rh Pulse polarity parameter. What pulse polarity needed to put device in High resistance state

Version 3.2.5 June 19 2012
- Fixed: If calling Htransfer from Non-vb programs did not run due to undeclared variable

Version 3.2.4 June 19 2012
- Fixed: HBias field was not set during VSwitch test

Version 3.2.3 June 14 2012
- Fixed: H-Transfer, V-Transfer and breakdown test did not switch multiplexer back to reader after the test is done if ELG channel was selected, so consecutive measurements on the reader could have been broken.
- Fixed: H-Transfer reported resistance of the 1st channel on channel#2.

Version 3.2.2 May 23 2012
- Fixed: H-Transfer, V-Transfer and breakdown test did not switch multiplexer back to reader after the test is done, so consecutive measurements on the reader could have been broken.

Version 3.2.1 May 18 2012
- Fixed: H-Transfer in vbias/isense mode showed very high noise (introduced in 3.1.0)

Version 3.2.0 May 17 2012
- Added: ELG and Aux device for DC measurements

Version 3.1.0 May 8 2012
- Added: no longer uses DCAdditional gain from quasi, symmetric changes to sttpulserlib 3.3.0

Version 3.0.5 Mar 16 2012
- Added: Pulser splitter is part of Quasi97

Version 3.0.2 Mar 6 2012
- Added: Supporting STTPulserLib

Version 2.0.3 Oct 31-2011
- Re-Release: Recompiled with latest quasi version 5.2.2

Version 2.0.2 Oct 31-2011
- Added: Field write probability Test

Version 2.0.1 (Sep 19 2011)
- Fixed: if resistance is negative (due to cross channel short), then v-switch exited without generating result. This caused logresults: subscript out of range on some heads in production test.
- Fixed: resistance could be negative because of two devices shortage when higher bias applied to not current channel.
- Fixed: H-Transverse dual channel in production mode not for all cycles results were published for the second channel.

Version 2.0.0 (Sep 12 2011)
- Added: Dual channel mode capability.
- Added: Single Pulse Test.

Version 1.3.11 (Aug 16 2011)
- Changed: Vswitch test only allowed positive reset field, changed to allow reset field of any polarity.

Version 1.3.9 (Apr 22 2011)
- Fixed: Fixed the problem in MTJRes test

Version 1.3.7 (Apr 12 2011)
- Fixed: Because of rounding error Endurance test could be resetting the field to ever higher value, eventually causing the QPS-1050 to blow a fuse.

Version 1.3.6 (Feb 3 2011)
- Added: In Write Probability Test: Changed how raw res data was logged, to allow for maximum
data logging to excel file. Was initially logged with cycles in columns, changed for cycles
to be logged by rows.

Version 1.3.5 (Feb 2 2011)
- Added: In Write Probability Test: Added capability to log raw res data.

Version 1.3.4 (Dec 9 2010)
- Added: In Write Probability Test: increased number of significant digits that are shown.

Version 1.3.3 (Aug 5 2010)
Broke compatibility with previous version. Modules that have reference to STTRAM.dll will have to be recompiled here.
- Added: Maximum number of cycles in the Write Probability test is changed to 1e7
- Fixed: The stress parameters were not restored in the WriteProbability test, Read Disturb and MTJResistance tests.
- Fixed: The stress parameters button was not highlighted in the Breakdown Voltage test, when there were stress items present.

Version 1.3.2 (May 5 2010)
- Fixed: Vbreakdown test and Endurance test plots did not have partID or head number
- Fixed: V-Transfer in Ibias mode with Skip on threshold flag stopped early.

Version 1.3.1 (May 4 2010)
- Fixed: Occasional Overflow error in the MTJ resistance test
- Fixed: Endurance test did not check for maximum number of iterations supported by hardware
- Fixed: VBreakdown test did not sweep negative values correctly

Version 1.3.0 (Mar 24 2010)
Must be installed with Quasi97 4.7.23
- Fixed: H-Transfer resistance offset
- Added: negative voltage sweep in v-breakdown test
- Added: Amplitude calibration in the STTRAM Control Menu

Version 1.2.3 (Mar 12 2010)
- Fixed: Rh result in H-Transfe test was reported lower than in reality.
- Fixed: H-Transfer test could subtract DC offset at the beginning or the end of the test. For MTJ that did not return to the same resistance, this could offset both Rl and Rh.
- Fixed: H-Transfer did not turn on AutoLowGain offset calibration, which could result in incorrect resistance reading.

Version 1.2.1 (Mar 3 2010)
- Fixed: Did not allow pulses wider than .3mS
- Fixed: STTPulser board calibration.

Version 1.1.14 (Jan 20 2010)
- Fixed: Error in applying calibration offset when measuring resistance. Esp Visible at low currents in V-Transfer test.
- Added: V-Transfer test time improved
- Added: Increased allowed stress time to 24 hours in VBreakdown test

Version 1.1.13 (Jan 15 2010)
- Fixed: Error in applying calibration offset when measuring resistance. Esp Visible at low currents in V-Transfer test.

Version 1.1.12 (Jan 7 2010)
- Fixed: When running H-transfer in symmetric mode, the resistance result was incorrect.

Version 1.1.8 (Jan 7 2010)
- Added: The H-Transfer test does not have to go through 0Oe field

Version 1.1.7 (Dec 24 2009)
- Added: Current sense mode capability to run standard QST tests

Version 1.1.6 (Nov 18 2009)
- Fixed: When deleting H-Transfer, Stress:Restoreparameters error.
- Fixed: When the Sweep from is close to switching field, then the wrong resistance could be reported in the H-Transfer test

Version 1.1.4 (Oct 26 2009)
- Fixed: Pulse width test plot extends the fitted line to measure at value

Version 1.1.3 (Oct 26 2009)
- Fixed: V-Transfer did not show Rh coefficients correctly, and the switch point was wrong.
- Fixed: When displaying all curves in Write probability, the legend was not updated

Version 1.1.2 (Oct 23 2009)
- Added: Annotation for each subset on the read disturb test plot
- Added: Pulse width annotation to the write probability plot
- Fixed: Write probability and Read Disturb test now accept only positive parameters for field, and pulse amplitude. The test will reverse them automatically depending on Rl/Rh selection
- Added: Results in V-Transfer test for converting from voltage to current.
- Fixed: Scale in Read Disturb and Write Probability Tests
- Added: Smoothing algorithm in the Read Disturb test.

Version 1.1.1 (Oct 08 2009)
- Fixed: number of pulses was doubled during the test.

Version 1.0.0 (Sep 21 2009)
- Initial Release

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