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The BLAZER-X6B Analyzer uses same field-proven technology as our entire line of HDD measurement equipment, installed onto our innovative and proprietary Row/Bar mechanical handler.

Key Benefits

  • Fully-automated system

  • Low electronic noise

  • Compact footprint

  • Dual simultaneous measurement channels

  • Pad miscontact detection

  • 4pt resistance measurement

  • Writer resistance measurement

  • Contacts grounded during probing

  • Programmable diode clamping levels

  • Supports Pico and Femto type bars

  • Automated Bar Handling

  • Uses Bar Process Trays as Test Trays

  • Supports Missing Bar Detection

  • Compact Probecard

  • Simple Probe Card Alignment

  • Up to 3 trays can be loaded at a time

  • Position limit sensors 

  • Position verification encoders with high precision motion

  • Safety Enclosure with Interlocks

  • Includes our patented SMAN magnetic instability measurement

  • Compatible with ISI's RIA-2008, FMRA-2008, and EPS-100 ESD Stress Modules, and with ISI's Bar QuadPole Magnet

The BLAZER-X6B tester uses same field-proven technology as ISI's entire line of HDD measurement equipment, installed onto an innovative Row/Bar mechanical handler, making it the most advanced Row/Bar level QST Tester ever produced.

BLAZER-X6B measurement capability includes high speed Transfer Curve and Resistance analysis, and the most advanced magnetic instability detection system available. These measurements, performed through ISI's proprietary AC measurement channel, include Popcorn Noise, AC Noise, and our patented and industry standard Spectral Maximum Amplitude Noise (SMAN) analysis.

Using customer process trays, with only three axes of motion our proprietary handling system can automatically pick up a bar from any one of up to three customer-installed trays. 

The BLAZER-X6B tester includes the option of testing with either single or dual measurement channels, for increased throughput.  This dual-channel configuration also supports advance HDD devices including dual-MR heads. Each channel can be configured for either 2pt or 4pt probing.

The BLAZER-X6B tester comes equipped with one Vision System for Probe Card Alignment. An optional second Vision System for OCR and Edge Recognition is also available. Other vision and positioning packages include Y-Offset Alignment, and X-Offset Probecard Alignment including an integrated micropositioner stage.


Our proprietary software supports a full array of engineering and production interfaces, data logging, grading, and normalization, and allows for customers to develop their own software modules.

The BLAZER-X6B is compatible with our RIA-2008, FMRA-2008, and EPS-100 ESD Stress Modules, and with our Bar QuadPole Magnet.


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