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Integral Solutions International (ISI) provides a range of magnetic test solutions for the MRAM, semiconductor, data storage, and magnetic sensor industries.


Our Mission

To create innovative test solutions that enable new and cost effective uses of magnetics in end customer applications. 


Differentiating Value

ISI is the dominant player in its field because of the flexibility and unique nature of its proprietary technology platforms, as well as the expertise and efficiency-driven culture within its company.


Over the past 25 years, the amount of cost savings customers have achieved by using ISI test solutions can be estimated in the billions of dollars.


>10x Faster

ISI's proprietary technology provides for complex magnetic device characterization at speeds up to, if not greater, than 10x faster than competitors' solutions.


>20 Patents

In over 25 years of operation, ISI has secured more than 20 patents in the magnetic device measurement field. This breadth of technology provides customers with the broadest array of magnetic device characterization tools.


>1000 Testers

With decades in the marketplace and over 1,000 systems installed worldwide, ISI testers have come to be highly regarded for their robust and trouble-free operation. 

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Leadership Team

Henry Patland Headshot 2.jpg
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Henry Patland

President & CEO

In 1995, Henry co-founded Integral Solutions International and has led ISI as President & CEO ever since. Henry is a prominent figure in the development and standardization of sensor testing technology utilized in the data storage industry and magnetic testing space.

Wade Ogle Headshot 2.jpg
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Wade Ogle

Vice President & COO

Wade co-founded Integral Solutions International in 1995 and helped grow the company to its market-leading position as Vice President & COO. Wade's operational oversight enabled ISI to become one of the fastest growing companies in the sensor testing equipment area.

Ken Heuning Headshot 2.jpg
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Ken Huening


A proven leader in the semiconductor manufacturing space, Ken was employee #37 at Maxim Integrated and helped build the company from zero to $2.4B.  After 29 years, Ken went on to help Skyworks Solutions, Nextinput, and Aquantia--the last two being acquired by Quorvo and Marvell.

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Kevin Conley


With over three decades of experience in the storage and memory industries, Kevin has been a key driver of innovation and disruption in technology and products while also creating significant business growth. Kevin has held many important leadership roles, most recently as CEO of Everspin Technologies, the market leader in discrete MRAM solutions.

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Henry Kim

International Sales Team

In 1990, Henry co-founded Westpac Inc., a leading professional technical sales and service company in the semiconductor industry with presence in both the US and South Korean markets.

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Steven Ho

International Sales Team

Steven joined Dymek in 1999 as Head of Sales & Support, at which time he created a 24/7 onsite service team for magnetic head processes and metrology production tools. Prior to joining Dymek, Steven was Application Manager at Veeco.

Worldwide Customer Base

ISI has shipped over 1,000 systems across the world, with a strong weighting in Asia, and continues to be a trusted partner of some of the world's leading companies across industry.

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ISI has been a trusted partner to leading companies around the world and across industries. With over two decades in business and over 1,000 systems shipped, ISI has developed a great reputation and is happy to share customer testimonials upon request.


Interested in joining ISI?

At Integral Solutions International, we are always looking to expand our team with motivated and experienced new members. If you would like to join the ISI team, please contact us below. 

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