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For decades, Integral Solutions International (ISI) has remained the industry leader for all magnetic testing applications.

Fully Integrated Solutions

When it comes to quality and performance, ISI is uncompromising in its product development. This lead to a foundation of fully integrated systems, including the creation of proprietary measurement technology, unique electromagnet designs, and specialized intellectual property.  


Over the past 25 years, the amount of cost savings our customers have achieved by using ISI test solutions can be estimated in the billions of dollars.

Measurement Technology

In developing fully integrated tools intended for high-throughput and high-accuracy analysis of magnetic devices, our company recognized the serious limitations of attempting to use off-the-shelf equipment. This lead to a company directive, that if an ideal solution could not be sourced, then we would develop it ourselves. After 25 years, this directive has resulted in a full line of proprietary equipment, designed exclusively for the testing of magnetic devices.

Shown at right: Rather than measuring MRAM Magnetic Tunnel Junction switching repeatability using conventional and slow Source Measure Units (SMU) equipment, our proprietary MRAM Pulser systems, including the PULSAR-8000, perform this high-repetition measurement in seconds—25x faster than could previously be achieved.

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MRAM Error Rate vs. Pulse Amplitude, 10^5 trace dual-polarity in under 13 seconds

Fast Voltage Switch Test.jpg

Switching Current vs. Bias Pulse Width 53 mS per point

Innovative Electromagnet Designs

ISI recognizes that there is no "one-size-fits-all" solution for electromagnet designs, and has carefully considered solutions for specific end user applications. Within our portfolio of 15 unique electromagnet designs is the ability to accommodate:

  • High Field

  • Large Uniform Zone

  • Directional Control

  • Extremely Low Remanence

  • Ultra-High Speed

All our electromagnets are air-cooled, rather than water or other contaminating sources.  Our electromagnets are driven by our own proprietary controllers and power supplies, maximizing performance and utilizing our full complement of safety and protection features.

ISI electromagnet solutions provide magnetic fields of up to 1.5T, with cycle rates of up to 25Hz. Projected-field electromagnets at Wafer level have uniform field zones as large as 6mm in diameter, while C-core electromagnets have uniform zones of up to 500mm^3.

ISI tooling and probecards are designed to position the Device Under Test (DUT) at the specific uniform zone target of each electromagnet, allowing trouble-free and calibration-free operation by the end user. Most ISI core-based electromagnets are made from a unique, high quality alloy that provides extremely low remanence, eliminating aggravations customers often have in attempting to artificially manage core hysteresis of other electromagnet designs.

Factoring in all this technology, our electromagnets, power supplies, and controllers are designed to be maintenance-free and factory calibrated, making them suitable for operation in all manufacturing environments.

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Intellectual Property

In over 25 years of operation, ISI has secured more than 20 patents related to the development and implementation of innovative solutions for magnetic storage and sensor applications.

Key areas of focus include:

  • Magnetic Instability

  • MRAM Device Analysis

  • Magneto-Optical Kerr Effect

  • Thermal Reliability

  • Ferromagnetic Resonance

  • Nano-Scale Inductance

  • Magnets & Controllers

  • Nano-Scale Magnetic Field Profiling via Nitrogen Vacancy

With applications ranging from Research & Development and Failure Analysis to full-scale Inline Testing, this proprietary technology has enabled ISI products to become the de facto standard for entire industries.

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