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Next Generation of Magnetic Field Control for MRAM and Magnetic Sensor Device Testing

With the widespread expansion of magnetically-operating devices such as Magnetic Sensors and
Magnetic RAM (MRAM), capital equipment suppliers must develop test equipment that provides
reliable and accurate magnetic field control. Since release of their first magnetic device tester in 1996,
Integral Solutions International, ISI, with corporate headquarters in the heart of Silicon Valley, has been
at the forefront of meeting these technological requirements. This paper discusses solutions to the
challenges faced in the design and implementation of electromagnets and measurement systems
intended for testing magnetic devices at wafer level.


Wade Ogle - Integral Solutions Int'l

SOT-MRAM To Challenge SRAM

In an era of new non-volatile memory (NVM) technologies, yet another variation is poised to join the competition — a new version of MRAM called spin-orbit torque, or SOT-MRAM. What makes this one particularly interesting is the possibility that someday it could supplant SRAM arrays in systems-on-chip (SoCs) and other integrated circuits.



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