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Wade Ogle Headshot 2.jpg

Wade Ogle

Vice President & COO

Wade Ogle has been in the Data Storage industry and in particular within the Test Equipment design area for over three decades.


Along with Henry Patland, Wade co-founded Integral Solutions International (ISI), and helped grow the company to its market-leading position. Wade's operational oversight enabled ISI to become one of the fastest growing companies in the disk drive test equipment area.


Wade is a prominent figure in the development and standardization of head tests commonly utilized in the data storage industry.


Prior to this Wade worked at Guzik Technical Enterprises for 6 years as a Software/Test Engineer and Mechanical Project Manager, and was involved in many projects including development of Guzik’s Dynamic Head Testers, Flying Height Testers, Media Certifiers, and other projects.


Wade received a BS degree from U.C. Santa Cruz in 1988 with major in Computer Engineering and minor in Mathematics. Wade has been awarded 8 patents, with 1 other pending, in the area of testing of Magnetic Devices.

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