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Link to the FMRA Module under Slider Fabrication

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The FMRA-2008 is the world's first commercially available Ferro Magnetic Resonance Analyzer that characterizes the magnetic performance of Magneto-Resistive sensors in multi-directional magnetic fields. Characterizing the MR sensor using Ferro Magnetic Resonance techniques can not only examine the sensor performance, but, often, pinpoint a particular problem in the design or manufacturing process, such as concerns with the Hard-Bias or the Reference/Pinning Layer. 

The system utilizes the Quad-Pole magnet configuration on the BlazerX6-B Bar or WLA-3000 Tester, and incorporates RF Probing and multi-directional field vectors to allow the extensive suite of FMRA tests. These tests include:

  • Ferro Magnetic Resonance Spectrum Analysis

  • Diagnostics of hard bias level and uniformity

  • Stiffness field measurement 

  • Reference layer/Pinning layer diagnostics

  • Free layer uniformity and domains detection

  • Free layer magnetization orientation

  • High Bandwidth Noise Analysis

    As MR sensor dimensions shrink in the race to higher Arial Density, control of the reader sensor dimensions becomes more difficult causing many of the above issues. The FMRA-2008 is world's first low-cost, non-destructive, in-situ solution to characterize these issues in a manufacturing environment with production-level throughput.


Key Benefits

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