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HGA/HSA/HDA Toolings

For use on ISI's universal QST2002-PLUS and QST2002HF Analyzers, we offer a vast array of customized top-plate Toolings for interfacing to HDD customer's unique Heads (HGA), Head Stacks (HSA), and Drives (HDA).

HDA Gen2 3.jpg

With a simple change of this top Tooling, ISI's QST2002-PLUS and QST2002HF Analyzers can quickly be converted between HGA and HSA level QST testing in R&D, Failure Analysis, and Manufacturing environments.  HDA Toolings, as shown above, are also available for the QST2002-PLUS Analyzer.  Often combined with a custom software interface, these Toolings are custom-designed to mechanically and electrically adapt to each unique HGA, HSA, and HDA program.

In addition to QST and our patented SMAN Magnetic Instability analysis, the HSA/HDA Toolings provide static qualitative measurements including pin shortages and misconnections, passive component analysis, voice coil integrity,  microactuator measurements, measurement of auxiliary devices (such as Humidity and Temperature Sensors), and overall Preamp Chip functionality.


Key Benefits

  • Suitable for Engineering/Manufacturing environments

  • Field-proven high throughput testing

  • Easily interchangeable

  • Customized to each specific user requirement

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