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Commercial Presence

  • Since 2001, ISI has developed a brand position based on quality of technology and service, and has maintained significant customer retention.

  • Historically, ISI has enjoyed a broad, diversified and growing customer base and is trusted by Tier 1 companies, including Seagate, Toshiba and Samsung. This makes ISI the first port of call for magnetic characterization.

  • In addition to its established and dominant position in the HDD market, ISI is also focused on large and emerging markets, including MRAM. In 2008, ISI developed the world’s first MRAM tester.

  • Within MRAM, ISI is experiencing commercial interest and a growing sales pipeline from MRAM customers as this nascent market continues to grow. In addition, many of ISI’s HDD industry contacts are re-emerging in the MRAM industry.

  • ISI has shipped over 1,000 units worldwide.

Worldwide Install Base

ISI has shipped over 1000 systems across the world, with a strong weighting in Asia, and continues to be a trusted partner of some of the world's leading companies across industry.

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