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EGWafer Application v4.0.40

EGWafer Application v4.0.40


Version 4.0.37 (May 10 2021)
- Fixed: "Input string was not in a correct format" error may pop up during probe tip cleaning.
- Added: diagnostic messages to log file for trouble shooting.

Version 4.0.36 (Apr 8 2021)
- Fixed: Quasi97 software hangs after first wafer testing in "Test Wafer" mode.
- Fixed: Probe tip not touching on site for testing after tip cleaning.

Version 4.0.35 (Apr 6 2021)
- Fixed: tip cleaning counting
- Added: diagnostic messages to log file for trouble shooting

Version 4.0.34 (Mar 30 2021)
- Added: add GPIB command timeout selection on Tester Option menu for trouble shooting

Version 4.0.33 (Mar 25 2021)
- Added: add diagnostic log file for trouble shooting
- Fixed: tip cleaning counter retrieval may fail in some EG system

Version 4.0.32 (Mar 22 2021)
- Fixed: add retry on tip cleaning commands in case of communication problem to prober

Version 4.0.31 (Mar 19 2021)
- Fixed: auto tip cleaning does not start when counter reaches specified limit

Version 4.0.30 (Oct 9 2020)
- Added: set/get chuck temperature on main menu

Version 4.0.29 (Aug 13 2020)
- Fixed: Probecard temperature alignment message will be displayed only once in multi-sequence production.

Version 4.0.28 (Jul 17 2020)
- Fixed: The "Ignore QST" diagnostic flag in mechanical driver is reset to False after running production
test with custom setup in Operator mode.

Version 4.0.27 (Sep 24 2019)
- Fixed: If user enters a new reference die y-offset value to text box on Wafer Description menu, the new value
will not be saved to database file.

Version 4.0.26 (May 31 2019)
-Fixed: Changed reference to NI .dll files

Version 4.0.25 (May 28 2019)
- Fixed: Dynamic device selection was not keeping the dymap file loaded when moving from the first block tested.
- Fixed: frmMain & frmWaferSliderMap have small consistency/QoL changes to match other mech drivers.
- Added: Dynamic device selection is now compatible with Multi-sequence operator mode production test. Will only load dymap on first sequence.

Version 4.0.24 (May 16 2019)
- Fixed: Multi-sequence operator mode production test may not run correctly in some configurations.

Version 4.0.23 (May 1 2019)
- Added: Support for multiple sequences in operator mode production test is added.

Version 4.0.22 (January 04 2019)
- Added: Dynamic Device Selection: allows user to dynamically select which dies to test based on the ID of the wafer, using csv file.
Tester Options: added option to enable dynamic device selection, added option to select csv file of waferIDs and dynamic map files,
added option to supress warning message that tells user dynamic device selection is enabled.
Wafer Slider Map: added button to generate dynamic map file based on the current wafer map, added button to load a dynamic map to make changes or
to view which dies are selected (also displays dynamic map if one is currently loaded).

Version 4.0.21 (December 06 2018)
- Fixed: Was getting a object not set error when exiting quasi software

Version 4.0.20 (August 28 2018)
- Added: Capability to change probe card offset with on click

Version 4.0.19 (Febuary 08 2016)
- Fixed: if Pre-probe delay was selected. delayed twice everytime it moved to a new block.

Version 4.0.18 (Febuary 08 2016)
- Fixed: if Pre-probe delay was not checked did not step as normal

Version 4.0.17 (January 14 2016)
- Fixed: Values for changing Pre-probe delay in options menu, when changed needed to click in another text box, for values to be recognized by system

Version 4.0.16 (January 5 2016)
- Added: Capability in Pre-probe to delay before making contact to the wafer

Version 4.0.15 (Sept 15 2015)
- Fixed: Map Die gave error if selecting test outcome

Version 4.0.14 (AUG 04 2015)
- Fixed: Testing Bar mode. Head ID was not incremented. Retuned SR0 for all heads tested.

Version 4.0.13 (Jul 30 2015)
- Fixed: Testing Bar mode. If testing a straight bar with calculated radius to correct for tilt in bar. would step in the opposite direction based on how bar bend direction was calculated.
fixed by checking if difference in center die and start die x location is less than 500. if so considers a straight bar.

Version 4.0.12 (Jul 26 2015)
- Fixed: Bar pitch needed to be autocalculated for calculated radius
- Fixed: If block deleted from wafer setup file in broken bar mode, caused software to crash.
- Added: Radius information to sliderinfo test.

Version 4.0.11 (Jul 1 2015)
- Fixed: in broken bar mode, angle was not being set correctly.

Version 4.0.10 (Jul 1 2015)
- Fixed: in broken bar mode, was not working if bars bent in different direction.

Version 4.0.9 (June 24 2015)
- Added: link to eg classes, so external programs can link to it.

Version 4.0.8 (June 23 2015)
- Fixed: if setting up broken bar from top to bottom. did not step correctly
- Fixed: If clicking refresh on Bar setup Form. did not reinitialize needed parameters. would cause prober to move to home position

Version 4.0.7 (June 23 2015)
- Fixed: if using broken bar mode and using customZ. Prober was moving down to safez before moving to the next head

Version 4.0.6 (June 22 2015)
- Fixed: if using broken bar mode and using customZ. Prober was not storing customZ selection.

Version 4.0.5 (June 05 2015)
- Added: Enhanced capability for testing broken bars with curvature
- Fixed: Magnet Resistance overheat check function was not working properly.

Version 4.0.3 (Mar 17 2015)
- Fixed: [MECHDR-60] System freezes in when MAP is clicked.

Version 4.0.2 (Mar 5 2015)
- Fixed: EGWafer crashing when opening wafer database file

Version 1.0.0 (Dec 4 2014)
- Initial Release

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