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TSKWafer Application v3.0.29

TSKWafer Application v3.0.29


Version 3.0.27 (Aug 13 2020)
- Fixed: Probecard temperature alignment message will be displayed only once in multi-sequence production.

Version 3.0.26 (Jul 17 2020)
- Fixed: The "Ignore QST" diagnostic flag in mechanical driver is reset to False after running production
test with custom setup in Operator mode.

Version 3.0.25 (Jan 23 2020)
- Fixed: Probe tip cleaning issues.

Version 3.0.24 (Dec 23 2019)
- Added: Probe tip cleaning option to allow cleaning during testing.
- Fixed: Cleaning type and Cleaning enabled flag are not saved/restored correctly.

Version 3.0.23 (Dec 13 2019)
- Added: Probe tip cleaning.

Version 3.0.22 (Sep 24 2019)
- Fixed: If user enters a new reference die y-offset value to text box on Wafer Description menu, the new value
will not be saved to database file.

Version 3.0.21 (May 16 2019)
- Fixed: Multi-sequence operator mode production test may not run correctly in some configurations.

Version 3.0.20 (May 1 2019)
- Added: Support for multiple sequences in operator mode production test is added.
- Fixed: The XY position of a block is not displayed correctly.
- Fixed: The "untested" values are not displayed on Wafer Slider Map menu.

Version 3.0.19 (July 26 2018)
Fixed: In Tester/Options if Auto change log file for every wafer was selected, would keep on appending the name to the previous name.

Version 3.0.18 (Feb 5 2018)
- Added: Confirmation of Probe Card Offset Change
- Fixed: Apply Maps to all blocks was not working properly
- Fixed: Wafer map image in Wafer Map was not displayed Correctly

Version 3.0.17 (Dec 18 2017)
-Added: Code to turn Allignment Camera LED off
-Fixed: If Add blocks was repeatably clicked, would cause freeze up error.
-Added: 1 second delay between stb reads in unload function. Could sometimes read wrong bits if it was read too fast

Version 3.0.16 (April 4 2017)
-Fixed: In Wafer Description Settings, was limiting the RefX pos to a short value.

Version 3.0.15 (March 7 2017)
-Fixed: Was not logging the X/Y position tested correctly. Was inverting X/Y

Version 3.0.14 (Aug 24 2016)
-Added: Selection in tester options to turn off warning to re-align probe card at temperature if running in cassette mode.
-Fixed: If grading enabled: error occured when trying to determine grade

Version 3.0.13 (July 27 2016)
Fixed: Load Wafer from cassette was not working properly. would only load first and second wafer

Version 3.0.12 (July 24 2016)
Fixed: Compiled with Quasi 7.41.20 which did not have correct license: gave license error on startup.

Version 3.0.11: July 21 2016
-Fixed: Load Wafer from cassette was not working properly

Version 3.0.10: July 07 2016
-Fixed: GPIB Configuration was not terminated properly
-Fixed: ErrorLog was not being logged in load wafer if an error happend.

Version 3.0.9: May 26 2016
-Fixed: If existing wafer map opened, did not update the main form with new values, until form was minimized and reactivated.

Version 3.0.6: Nov 13 2015
-Fixed: Errors related to using WaferSN functionality
-Added: Broken bar extended capability

Version 3.0.5: Sept 15 2015
-Added: .NEt release

Version 3.0.0: Mar 5 2015
-Added: .NEt release

Version 2.0.8: Oct-20-2014
-Added: Added Capability for magnet overheat check to delay till magnet resistance cools down below certain value.

Version 2.0.7: Sept-17-2014
-Fixed: Did not set channeltoprobe correctly on startup. If ch1 was selected in tester options, used ch0 by default

Version 2.0.6: March-26-2014
-Fixed: error if alignvideo was not found in hardware config table

Version 2.0.5: March-19-2014
-Added: Capability to change direction of which way prober moves based on move commands.

Version 2.0.4: Jan-21-2014
-Fixed: Win7 compatibility (was not checking in correct appdata folder for ini file)

Version 2.0.3: Jan-21-2014
-Fixed: Win7 compatibility (tskwafer.ini file is not stored in appdata folder)

Version 2.0.2: Jan-15-2014
-Added: capability to access TSK dll version functions

Version 2.0.1: July-25-2013
-Added: checkbox to check for magnet overheat in tester options.

Version 2.0.0: July-19-2013
-Added: Module becomes a DLL, compatible with hardware config table
-Added: Compatible to Quasi97 .NET

Version 1.0.16: feb-11-2013
--added: check to see if wafer load issues fixed

Version 1.0.15: sept-04-2012
--Fixed:Error with vdmatrox addition to hardware config table.
--Aborts TSK Wafer testing if magnet trip occurs

Version 1.0.14: Jul-05-2012
--Added:added longer delay for wafer read id.

Version 1.0.13: Jun-27-2012
--Added:added application class, so users can get access to tsk functions and classes.

Version 1.0.12: Jun-22-2012
--Added:added Error Logging Capability for Load wafer function.

Version 1.0.11: Jun-19-2012
--Fixed:added delay time after loading wafer to account for reading wafer ID.

Version 1.0.10: Jun-18-2012
--Fixed:added more srq checks for after loading wafer.

Version 1.0.09: May-23-2012
--Fixed:Constant stopping and restarting when moving to each head

Version 1.0.08: May-21-2012
--Fixed:Double probing when moving to a new block: probes unprobes twice before starting test
--Fixed:Error if single slider mode selected and trying to move across the wafer.

Version 1.0.07: May-21-2012
--Fixed:Double probing when moving to a new block: probes unprobes twice before starting test
--Fixed:Error if single slider mode selected and trying to move across the wafer.

Version 1.0.06: May-16-2012
--Fixed:Unhandled Prober errors when sometimes loading diagnostics form

Version 1.0.05: May-15-2012
--Fixed: Object database error
--Fixed: with 3000EX probers, more die capability, could not move to ref die location correctly.

Version 1.0.04: May-01-2012
--Compatability with UF3000EX

Version 1.0.03: March-20-2012
--Fixed: Wafer Map update form always jumped to a new location when trying to select parts to test.
--Fixed: Errors raised if last wafer map used not found: changed to switch to generic db, if this occurs
--Fixed: Error in reporting of x position in dual channel mode. Was same for both channels.

Version 1.0.02
-Fixed Errors

Version 1.0.01 (Sept 19 2011)
--Added: Capability of testing dual Channel
--Fixed: Error in Dual Channel testing

Version 1.0.0000 (Aug 12 2011)
Initial Release

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