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The QST2002-PLUS Analyzer uses same field-proven technology as our entire line of HDD measurement equipment, installed onto our proprietary semi-automated mechanical handler with adaptable top plate.  Using our  customized toolings, the QST2002-PLUS Analyzer can be flexibly reconfigured for testing either HGAs, HSAs, or HSAs under a variety of test conditions.

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The QST2002-PLUS Analyzer is an engineering and production test system for characterizing the performance of Magnetoresistive Heads (HGAs), Head Stack Assemblies (HSAs), and Drives (HDAs). 

With a unique single magnet configuration, the QST2002-PLUS can accurately measure Hard and Easy Axis Transfer Curves within seconds.  An optional Dual-Axis magnet for side- and high-field operations is also available.

QST2002-PLUS measurement capability includes high speed Transfer Curve and Resistance analysis, and the most advanced magnetic instability detection system available. These measurements, performed through our proprietary AC measurement channel, include Popcorn Noise, AC Noise, and our patented and industry standard Spectral Maximum Amplitude Noise (SMAN) analysis.

Our proprietary software supports a full array of engineering and production interfaces, data logging, grading, and normalization, and allows for customers to develop their own software modules if so desired.

An extra small footprint allows the QST2002-PLUS to operate in virtually any environment.  The QST2002-PLUS is compatible with ISI's RIA-2008 and EPS-100 ESD Stress Modules, and ISI's QuadPole Magnets.

Key Benefits

  • Semi-automated system

  • Low electronic noise

  • Compact footprint

  • Provides universal tooling interface for HGA, HSA, and HDA level testing

  • Ideal for QST testing at R&D, Failure Analysis and Manufacturing levels

  • Dual simultaneous measurement channels

  • Includes our patented SMAN magnetic instability measurement

  • Compatible with ISI's RIA-2008 and EPS-100 ESD Stress Modules, and ISI's QuadPole Magnets

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