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Link to the RIA Module under Slider Fabrication

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The RIA-2008 is the world's first Static Writer Analyzer that characterizes the magnetic performance of the head's inductive writer by analyzing relative inductance while applying combination of various I-Bias and multi-directional magnetic fields. 

The measured magnetic performance of the writer shows strong correlation to its performance in the drive. 

The system utilizes the Quad-Pole magnet configuration on WLA-3000 Wafer Level Analyzer, supporting multi-directional field vectors as incorporated in the extensive suite of RIA-2008 tests. 

These tests include:

  • Inductance saturation vs. write current and external field

  • Coil-To-Yoke coupling efficiency

  • Yoke anisotropy and flare response

  • Identify of yoke defects

  • Detecting hysteretic/domain write heads

  • Main Pole Defect detection


This list of advanced Writer analysis, such as Coil-To-Yoke coupling, has demonstrated correlation with Overwrite results from dynamic testing. As dynamic testing becomes less cost-effective the demand for a low cost static solution has become apparent. Further, due to the static nature of this new test system early analysis of writer performance in the production of HDD heads has been enabled, making the RIA-2008 an extremely valuable tool for Wafer level applications.


  • Simple smb interconnect to connect to Probe 

  • Built-in proprietary cal circuit to eliminate interconnect parasitic inductance

  • MHZ Measurement Range for high accuracy

  • Low Noise measurement system

  • Comprehensive Writer Analysis using RIA-2008 Measurement System

  • Microsoft Windows Platform

  • Open architecture software allowing custom module design

  • Engineering/production modes

  • Direct data output to various popular formats, including Microsoft Excel™, Access™, and CSV

  • Intuitive user interface

  • Easy to Use

Key Benefits

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