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The WLA5000-Sensor Analyzer uses same field-proven technology as our entire line of HDD measurement equipment, integrated with a commercially available Wafer handler, to provide a full suite of measurements for comprehensive Magnetic Sensor device analysis.

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Analyzing magnetic film performance is critical to the design and production of Magnetic Sensors. ISI's WLA5000 Magnetic Sensor Analyzer, incorporating ISI's proprietary measurement electronics, power supplies, probecards, controller, and magnet, is ideally suited for this task.

Our proprietary magnet portfolio includes a vast array of user-interchangeable electromagnets, ideally suited for inplane, perpendicular, 3-axis, and high-field applications.  All of our magnet configurations are designed with high-performance in mind, in producing low remanent fields, high magnetic field strengths, and large uniformity volumes across the area under test.  Our inplane magnets allow for measurements to be performed as user-defined field angles, or as a function of field rotation.

Our proprietary measurement electronics are ideally suited to characterize magnetic properties of finished devices or test structures, including bridged configurations.  Selectable Voltage or Current sourcing, Voltage or Current measurement, clamping protection, range selection, pin multiplexing, and parallel controls are all functionalities available as standard with the WLA5000 Magnetic Sensor Analyzer.


In a Magnetic Sensor production environment, the WLA5000 Magnetic Sensor Analyzer offers high throughput device performance verification as well as feedback to Wafer Process control. Options like Magnet configurations, probecards, and Thermal Chucks allow customers to customize the system to their specific needs.

ISI's WLA5000 Magnetic Sensor Analyzer can be integrated with a variety of industry standard Automated Wafer Probers to characterize magnetic properties of finished devices or test structures, under hot or cold environmental conditions.  Our proprietary software supports a full array of engineering and production interfaces, data logging, grading, and normalization, and allows for customers to develop their own software modules.


Key Benefits

  • High Field Strength Quad-Pole InPlane or Perpendicular Magnet Configuration

  • Low Remnant Field

  • High Performance Electronics

  • Contacts grounded during probing

  • Programmable diode clamping levels

  • Open architecture software allowing custom module design using VB.NET

  • Direct data output to various popular formats, including Microsoft Excel™  and CSV

  • Engineering/production access modes

  • Intuitive user interface

  • Vision system used for Probe monitoring

  • Interfaces with a wide array of commercial 200mm and 300mm Probers, including Electroglas, Accretech, and TEL

  • Optional 4-color Light Tower

  • Optional Thermal Chuck

  • Optional Multi-channel Pulser for increased throughput

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