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Wafer Fabrication

Fully-Automated QST and AC Magnetic Instability QST Testers for analysis of Magnetoresistive Wafers in F&A, R&D, and Manufacturing environments for the Data Storage Industry.

The WLA5000-HDD Analyzer uses same field proven technology as ISI's entire line of HDD measurement equipment, installed onto a commercially-available Wafer handler, making it the most advanced Wafer level QST Tester ever produced.

The RIA-2008 Module accurately measures relative inductance down to 10pH, ideal for characterizing the magnetic performance of the HDD inductive Writer elements and other nano-scale electromagnets by while applying a combination of various I-Bias and multi-directional magnetic fields.

The FMRA-2008 Module accurately measures magnetic resonance at RF frequencies up to 20Ghz, ideal for characterizing the RF magnetic performance of Magneto-Resistive sensors in multi-directional magnetic fields.

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